Use Source & Source ID to Update Requests with Mail API

EmailThe Mail API parameters source and sourceID are now also used to determine whether a new request needs to be registered for an email that was sent to 4me, or a note needs to be added to an existing request.

This can be useful when an external event management system or another service management application initially sent an email to 4me with the source and sourceID parameters included at the top of the email body.  If the external system subsequently sends another email to 4me with the same source and sourceID, the 4me Mail API will no longer create a new request, but instead add the body content and attachments as a new note to the previously generated request.

Email with source and sourceID parameters

This new feature of 4me’s Mail API will prevent multiple requests from being generated for the same issue.  It is also available for updates of existing problems, releases, changes, change tasks, projects and project tasks. More details about this new feature can be found in the 4me Mail API documentation.