Use SSO Configuration of Directory Account

AccountMore and more enterprises are setting up their directory account in 4me. A directory account gives them a single secure environment in which they can maintain all their people, organization and site information. This information is automatically made available to all support domains (such as IT, HR, Purchasing and Legal). Apart from acting as a directory service, a directory account also provides the end users access to 4me Self Service and 4me Mobile.

Going forward, the directory account provides an additional service. Its single sign-on configuration can be used by its support domain accounts to give support specialists the same SSO convenience as end users. Once SSO has been set up for the directory account, the owner of each support domain account can apply the same configuration simply by checking the option ‘Login using SSO configuration of directory account’.

Single sign-on configuration in ITRP support domain account
Account owners of a support domain account can find this option in the ‘Single Sign-On’ section of the Settings console when SSO is enabled in their directory account.