Use Teams for Chat

Organizations that prefer their users to use Teams as the standard chat application can now install the Teams App in the 4me App Store. When this app is installed, 4me specialists who start a chat session with another specialist or an end user from within 4me automatically use Teams. Note: this does not include 4me Support Chat.

The configuration of the app is extremely simple. After clicking the Add button on the app card, the only available option is whether the 4me primary email address should be used for Teams in case no specific User Principle Name (UPN) is related to a person record. The UPN is the standard identifier for a user in Teams.

Teams app configuration

To add the Teams UPN, edit the contact details of a person by selecting ‘Teams’ in the Chat app field and entering the identifier.

Contact teams

If the account or directory account of the person you want to start a chat with has the Teams App installed, the Teams icon is now available on the preview of that user’s person record. Clicking the blue icon then starts a teams chat.

Teams chat icon

If the teams icon is gray, it means that the account has the app installed, but without the fallback option in the app configuration, and that person has no Teams UPN defined in the person record.

With the Teams App installed, the original chat center is still available in 4me. It will then only find people with whom you can start a chat using Teams.