Using 4me Icons in Your Designs

DesignThe entire list of the roughly 200 icons that are used in 4me has been made available for you on the 4me Developer website. This makes it easy for designers to look up an icon and include it in the Self Service design, or a UI extension, of their support organization.

4me application icons
Web developers will find it pretty easy to incorporate one of these icons in their designs. The code below provides an example of how the Search icon can be included in the Self Service design.
4me icon added to Self Service design
From the same page of the 4me Developer documentation it is now also possible to download a large set of icons in SVG format. This set of over 400 icons has been made available to help organizations find a suitable image for each of the services that they manage with 4me.  These images can also be helpful when a new product category needs to be added.
4me SVG icons for download
Rather than downloading the entire set, you can also open a complete overview of these icons. When you click on one of these icons in the overview, its SVG file will download.