Visibility Indicator for Request Templates

Request templateThe visibility options for request templates have been renamed. They used to be called ‘Self Service’ and ‘Service Hierarchy Browser’. But because specialists can now find all the request templates in Self Service that they are able to select in the full UI, the label ‘Self Service’ was no longer appropriate. This label was therefore updated to ‘End users’. And to make the second visibility option a little bit more intuitive, it was renamed to ‘Specialists’. That is a fitting label, as this option allows all specialists who are covered by the service to apply the request template, regardless of the 4me account in which this template is registered.

4me request template visibility options
When a search is performed in the Service Desk console, the new visibility options are now displayed for each request template in the search results, just like they were already presented for knowledge articles.
Visibility indicator for request templates
This provides useful information for service desk analysts when they try to persuade end users to use Self Service the next time they want to submit a similar request. In such cases it is important to know that the end user will actually be able to find the request template in Self Service.