Warning When External Person Is Mentioned

AlertSome provider organizations register their external customers and the key contact persons of those customers in the 4me account that their specialists use.  When they do this, they run the risk of accidentally mentioning a key contact of one customer in a request of another customer.

To prevent this, 4me now warns specialists after they selected a person in the Note field of a request and this person should probably not be given access to the request.

Warning dialog after selecting an external person as a mention in the note field of a request

To ensure that this warning pops up only when it is very likely that the person was selected by accident, the warning dialog is displayed only when the selected person:

  • is linked to an external organization (i.e. an organization that is not part of the organizational hierarchy of the service provider organization), and
  • is not linked to the organization of the request’s requester or any organization that is hierarchically above or below the requester’s organization, and
  • is not previously mentioned in the request, and
  • does not have the Specialist role of a 4me account that has access to the request.

This should ensure that information from one external customer does not accidentally become accessible to another external customer of a service provider organization.