Watchlist in Self Service

WatchlistA few weeks ago the Notification Center became available in Self Service. This week, the Watchlist functionality has been added to 4me’s Self Service interface. This means that end users are now also able to add requests and tasks to their watchlist. And when specialists are using their smartphones to update their 4me inbox, they can continue to use the Watchlist functionality like when they are using their PCs.

You can add an item to your watchlist after you have opened it. In Self Service you will see the eye icon in the upper-right corner next to the Save option. By pressing this icon, the item gets added to your watchlist.
Request in Self Service with watchlist option deactivated
After an item has been added to your watchlist, the eye icon is presented in blue. That way, when you open an item, you can immediately see whether it is already on your watchlist.
Request in Self Service with watchlist option activated
To remove an item from your watchlist, simply press the eye icon once more. That turns the icon gray again.
Watchlist option in Self Service menu
As soon as you have added your first item to your watchlist, the ‘My Watchlist’ option becomes available in the menu. There you can see all the items that are currently on your watchlist.
Please be aware that the Watchlist functionality is not, and will not become, available in classic Self Service.