Webhook Failures

WebhookA nice feature has been added for administrators who maintain the near real-time integrations between 4me and other applications using webhooks.

Webhooks are essentially listeners that can detect specific events when they occur in 4me (e.g. a new request being registered). When such an event occurs, a webhook can be set up to deliver a push notification to a script that is hosted on a server of the organization for which the webhook works.

When a push notification from a webhook is not correctly received by the script that is supposed to receive it (e.g. because the script has been moved, or because the server on which it is hosted can no longer be reached), 4me sends out an exception email to every person who has the Account Administrator role of the 4me account in which the webhook was set up.

Email address for Webhook exception notifications
The new feature that was recently added, allows the account administrators to enter a specific email address to which such exception messages should be sent instead. This makes it possible, for example, to get such emails sent to a mailbox that is monitored by the organization’s operators.