Webhook Payloads Improvement

WebhookWhen a webhook is triggered, the payload that it sends out now includes one extra parameter. The name of this new parameter is payload[audit_line_id]. It contains the ID of the audit entry that 4me generated for the creation or update of the 4me record that triggered the event.

This ID can be used to look up the fields which value was set or updated. In case of an update, the audit entry can be used to look up the field’s previous value. This makes it easier to add automation that should execute only when, for example, a request was reopened (i.e. when the status was updated from ‘Completed’ to a different value).
As a further improvement, the payload of webhooks now always include the following parameters whenever the team and/or member fields have a value in the record that triggered the webhook event:

  • payload[team][account][name]
  • payload[team][account][id]
  • payload[member][account][name]
  • payload[member][account][id]

  • This will make is easier to determine whether, for example, a request has been assigned to a team of a 4me account that has been integrated with an external service provider’s ITSM tool.
    For details about the payload parameters of webhooks can be found in the 4me Developer documentation.