Withdraw and Reopen Requests


Since the beginning of last June, it has been possible for end users to withdraw their request in 4me Self Service, when they no longer need the request to be completed.  A few more enhancements have now been made to ensure that the 4me Self Service behavior is consistent when end users update a request.

The main difference end users may notice is that the Note field is no longer immediately available when they select an open request.  Instead they will see the option to add a note at the top and bottom of the request.

Open request add note

In addition, the withdrawal process has been made more intuitive. When end users press the Withdraw button,  the Note field appears with a new highlighted Withdraw button below it.  This Withdraw button can be pressed after the end user has entered the reason for the withdrawal in the Note field.

Withdraw request

What’s also new is that end users now have the possibility to reopen requests that they withdrew earlier.

The original requester, the person on whose behalf the request was requested, and a key contact of the requester’s organization, can all reopen requests that were previously withdrawn.  They can do so by entering the reason for reopening the request and pressing the Reopen button.

Reopen request

After a withdrawn request has been reopened, it is once again assigned to the team that is linked to the request.