Workflow Automation Rules


It was already possible to create automation rules on workflow templates, but so far only at the task level.  Now it is also possible to create automation rules on workflows and workflow templates at the workflow level.  This enables an organization to add automation that is triggered whenever a field is updated on the workflow, such as the completion target, the status, or a UI extension.

To add automation rules to a workflow template, select the ‘Automation Rules…’ option in the Actions menu of a workflow template.  When a workflow is created based on the template, the automation rules are automatically copied to the workflow.

Automation rules workflow template

Adding automation rules to a specific workflow is done the same way, via the Actions menu of a workflow.

To add generic workflow automation rules that are evaluated for all workflows in the account, navigate to the ‘Automation Rules’ section of the Settings console and select ‘Workflow Automation Rules’.