Workflow Control: Rework Loops

Gantt Chart

When a task of a workflow cannot be completed – for example when an approval task is rejected – the workflow comes to a stop, with its status set to ‘Progress Halted’.  Using automation rules, it was already possible to reset the status of tasks, or of the workflow itself.  Now it is possible to create a rework loop directly in the Gantt chart of a workflow.

Creating a rework loop in the Gantt Chart of a workflow works just like creating an exception flow, as described in the previous blog post.  But instead of linking a task to a failure task, it is linked back to its predecessor, again while pressing and holding the shift or control key.

Rework loop failure task workflow gantt chart

In the above example, when the Test the new release task fails:

  • Develop new release is ‘Assigned’ again
  • Transfer new release to test is set to ‘Registered’
  • Test the new release is set to ‘Registered’ and
  • The workflow status is kept on ‘Implementation’.

Tasks that are set back to registered in the rework loop receive a system message ‘Status set to registered because Task #… has failed.’