Zero Planned Effort Allowed

ClockThe minimum planned effort for the completion of a task that is part of a change or project was one minute.  But because more and more tasks are executed automatically, it is now possible to set the Planned effort fields to zero (or 00:00).

Setting the planned effort of an approval task to zero may also be useful in cases where the approval needs to be provided by a customer whose effort should not be considered when estimating the total effort for a change or project.

Approval task with planned effort set to zero

A small usability enhancement has also been added to make it easier for change and project managers to add approvers or assignees to tasks.  When another person is added to a task, the planned effort for the new person is automatically set to the planned effort of the previous assignee.

This ensures that the manager of a change or project only needs to set a planned effort for the first assignee of a task, rather than specify the same planned effort for each assignee individually.  Only in the relatively exceptional cases, where a different planned effort needs to be specified for each assignee, would the manager need to manually enter a value in the Planned effort field after selecting an additional assignee for a task.