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Control of Service Cost and Quality

Our complete service management platform enables seamless collaboration while providing full visibility and complete control of the cost and quality of all digital enterprise services, whether internally or externally provided.

“I finally have a complete overview of the quality and cost of each service we provide.”

Tracking costs per service

Aside from tracking service quality, tracking service cost is crucial to determine business value of a service. Organizations typically use their finance system to break down their cost into the cost of labor and the acquired assets. But this cost information does not become meaningful to management until it is broken down by service. Only then can management see whether the cost of a service is roughly in line with the utility or value it provides. And this is where 4me comes in.

4me bridges the gap

4me bridges the great divide between IT service and corporate finance with a user-friendly IT financial management capability that was built into its ITSM/ESM solution from the start. It took all those years to perfect this functionality which is now available to all 4me customers. On a per-service basis, 4me provides real-time cost information that allows business leaders to get a complete overview of all the services they make available, how much they cost and how satisfied the employees are with each service.

Easy-to-read dashboard for complete overview

The 4me dashboard gives enterprise management an overview with crucial real-time information about all services. Is the SLA being met, how do users rate a particular service, what is the cost, and is there a compliance risk? All this information is available at a glance for management to determine the value of each service and take appropriate action where necessary.

Find out more

To learn more about the importance of cost tracking and what 4me can do for you, read our white paper on ‘Service Cost Tracking’, the EMA eBook about ‘IT service cost tracking in ITSM: the missing link between IT service quality and business value’, and the EMA research findings on IT Service Cost Tracking Impact.

4me - Service Cost Tracking white paper


Service Cost Tracking:
How to capture enterprise service costs and provide actionable management reporting.
EMA - Service Cost Tracking in ITSM ebook


IT Service Cost Tracking in ITSM:
The missing link between IT service quality and business value.
EMA - IT Service Cost Tracking Research


IT Service Cost Tracking Impact: Research Findings.

“We are now able to track our service cost and quality. We can monitor whether the SLA is adhered to and make accurate performance evaluations.“

Gérard Korda, Head of IT Operations, ZFV