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How a Belgian MSP Uses Digital Transformation to Preserve Its Edge

“I strongly believe in the SIAM philosophy, as it ties in seamlessly with our slogan ‘Ahead of Change’. We see from the market that there is growing traction on the SIAM idea and for service providers it is already becoming a unique selling point. For some customers it is even a requirement to be able to work with them. I am convinced that we are now getting ahead of the competition.”

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4me apa it success story


APA-IT replaces OMNITRACKER with 4me to work more seamlessly together with its customers
“The extra features that 4me offers out of the box help customers work together more effectively with their external service providers. This is now one of APA-IT’s competitive advantages.”
4me ategris success story


Uncertainty around the future of the Ivanti Service Desk application led Ategris to look at alternatives
“What I really like about 4me is its simplicity. The possibility to do things ourselves with little external business consulting. The single web interface and the configuration built around services made us choose 4me.”
4me success story - azl


AZL chose 4me to help it move to the cloud
“4me has enabled us, as an IT department, to work more efficiently. We This is mainly due to its excellent support of IT management processes and the Self-Service Portal.”
4me cabka success story


Cabka Successfully Invests in More IT Efficiency, Teamwork and a Self-Service Approach
“Especially when launching major IT projects, it becomes clear how important a tool like 4me is. We highly recommend 4me for companies that want to focus on efficient IT processes, teamwork within the IT team and self-service for users.”


Insurance group Credendo chose 4me to help it achieve operational excellence and to increase customer satisfaction.
“Without this solution, we could not achieve operational excellence and customer satisfaction, together with a complete view and control of our daily operations. This value is priceless.”
4me success story - Culina Group

Culina Group

Culina Group, the Logistics Experts Delivering Service Management Excellence.
“4me’s Service Catalog helped us consider many things about our internal structures and where skills exist, enabling us to completely reshape our support capabilities.”
4me daikin success story


Daikin Europe selected 4me to replace HP OpenView ServiceDesk
“Switching our service management tool to 4me was no jump into darkness. It was a conscious decision to offer more clarity and transparency within IT and to our internal customers. The service levels and KPIs can now be tracked by all stakeholders.”
4me deloitte success story


Deloitte Belgium switches to 4me to give its employees the fastest and most user-friendly access to support for their IT services, answers to their HR questions, help with their lease cars, etc.
“It was the elegance, the superior user experience, that made 4me stand out. A lot of attention has been paid to the design of the application. The team that developed it clearly understands the needs of the people who use their tool.”
4me egmont success story


Egmont wanted a responsive and speedy cloud-based service management solution to replace a poorly performing on-premises one.
“The project was delivered on time, on budget and best of all, 99% user satisfaction.”


ESAS selected 4me to standardize service provision and to help grow their remote service desk offering to customers, increase quality and improve efficiency across the business.
“It’s all about standardization and processes. As we grow continuously, ESAS also needs a structured way of working in ITSM tooling and this is offered by the implementation of 4me. On top of that, the tool also fully supports our mission for maximum customer experience with user friendly interfaces.”
4me - Glenfis success story


Glenfis chose 4me for its modern, cloud-based service management and SIAM capabilities
“We selected 4me because of its service-centric structure with SIAM baked into the tool. It is also unbeatable value for money!”
4me - Hans Anders success story

Hans Anders

Optical Retailer Hans Anders Required a Flexible Enterprise Solution to Manage Services for Hundreds of Stores in Northern Europe
“Which departments use 4me? Better ask who is not using it. First, we connected IT and Operations, and then we had to push for the next departments. But soon after, the other department heads asked why they were not connected: Marketing, Facilities, HR, Finance, Logistics. They now all have one entrance: the 4me portal.”


JMA choses 4me due to integration with other tools and rapid speed of development
“4me is a jump into the future! It is fast, simple and easy to use, with great integration and future expansion capability. We aim to be as customer-oriented as 4me.”
Kingdom of Belgium ICT Shared Services

Kingdom of Belgium ICT Shared Services

Belgian Government ICT Shared Services switched from CA Service Desk Manager to 4me for improved SLA tracking and increased collaboration
“Since our migration to 4me, we have a better view of the services we provide to our customers and we can also better track the services we receive from our external providers. We also improved the adoption of ITIL processes within our organization.”
Leyrer + Graf

Leyrer + Graf

Leyrer + Graf selected 4me to boost IT department productivity and collaboration across three different locations
“Now organizations can get mature ITIL processes in less than 50% of the time this takes with toolbox applications. 4me is disrupting the ITSM industry in a very positive way.”
4me - MED-EL success story


MED-EL chose 4me to improve the speed and quality of its IT service
“4me should be on everyone’s shortlist. The license model, functionality and performance are strong arguments for selecting 4me. Setup was so simple that we are now moving all internal departments to 4me ESM.”
4me - mybrand success story


Standardized Processes and Real-Time Service Level Reporting
“This project helped us to further standardize and optimize our existing processes within the company. It also helped us gain insight into a wide variety of services, and it is a stepping stone to further automation of processes without losing customer focus.”
Nationaal Restauratiefonds

Nationaal Restauratiefonds

Nationaal Restauratiefonds selected 4me for ITIL and ITSM features but also workflow automation and easy collaboration with providers
“4me does not stop at the boundaries of our organization and that leads to meaningful conversations with suppliers and management.”


OptiNet replaced its Remedy implementation with 4me in under 3 months to enable Service Integration and Management
“The team is much happier with the tool and it has been unanimously voted as the tool of choice by the technical teams.”
4me - ordina success story


How a Belgian MSP Uses Digital Transformation to Preserve Its Edge
“I strongly believe in the SIAM philosophy, as it ties in seamlessly with our slogan ‘Ahead of Change’. We see from the market that there is growing traction on the SIAM idea and for service providers it is already becoming a unique selling point. For some customers it is even a requirement to be able to work with them. I am convinced that we are now getting ahead of the competition.”
Province of Antwerp

Province of Antwerp

The Province of Antwerp Switched to 4me to Increase Service Quality and Efficiency
"It goes to show, sometimes you have to be bold and open to new ways to fulfill your ambitions. Selecting 4me felt a bit like stepping off the beaten track, but it really worked out well for us."
4me raet success story


Raet wanted to replace its aging ITSM solution and chose 4me as its new service management platform to improve customer satisfaction
“Every IT organization or department can benefit from the easy-to-use, reliable possibilities that 4me offers.”
4me savaco success story


Savaco wanted a modern, multi-tenant service management application that was fit for the future
“The SIAM capabilities of 4me, resulting in the absolute multi-tenancy of the app, is something we really needed and that only 4me could offer us.”
4me success story - sistemas


A Grand Solution for Great Ambitions
“We are a growing company, and it’s important for us to have a system that can grow with us. Also, being a service provider, it is important that we can show our customers that we are on top of our game. Customer satisfaction is already growing. We would be surprised if none of our customers will follow our lead and implement 4me as well.”
4me success story - sovereign speed

Sovereign Speed

A Superfast ITSM Implementation Exceeding the Customer’s High Expectations
“Getting started with 4me was so simple and we have already seen that we will not run into a wall, regardless of how much we might grow or how much our requirements might expand. 4me is ideal for any sized company, because it is impossible to outgrow 4me.”
4me ssp group success story

SSP Group

4me Serves Up Enterprise Service Management for SSP Group
“Out-of-the-box, 4me delivers the standard service management processes you would expect but its capability to integrate all of SSP Group’s internal and external service providers has radically improved supplier collaboration.”
4me ssp infographic

SSP Group Customer Journey

SSP's Journey with 4me
An Infographic charting SSP Group Plc global service management expansion with 4me and 4me Specialist Partner Revo UK.
Stern success story


A Lightning-Fast 4me Implementation Replaced Stern’s Outdated TOPdesk ITSM Software
“If I would recommend 4me for other companies? Absolutely, and I already did. I sincerely hope for as many companies as possible to choose 4me. It would only mean more improvements and updates from which my organization will automatically and instantly benefit.”
4me twc success story


TWC selected 4me to provide seamless service to their customers via one integrated service provider
“We are very happy with 4me. It is cutting edge technology, helping us to realize our mission of improving organizations by means of IT.”
4me va-Q-tec


va-Q-tec IT chose 4me to be the best service organization they could be
“It is normal to run into technical difficulties during the implementation of new software or services. Despite the best planning, the unexpected will present itself. The deployment of 4me was the first project completely devoid of such unwanted surprises, though. No special announcements or preparations were made in advance of the project. It just ran, and without a hitch.”
4me vandewiele success story


Loom manufacturer Vandewiele selects 4me Enterprise Service Management to support its employees’ IT needs
“As we often work with external partners, such as Savaco, and we have several local IT teams at sites in different countries that operate like external partners, SIAM was an important incentive with 4me.”
4me - Vitality success story


4me at Vitality speeds up the transition from ITSM to ESM and facilitates collaboration with external providers.
"Being able to use the tool right across the enterprise now allows us to be much more agile and fleet of foot to deliver for our customers, it drives our proactive servicing model"
4me zfv success story


4me’s easy-to-use service management solution provides ZFV with complete visibility and control over their services
“I would wholeheartedly recommend 4me to other companies looking for a new and modern service management solution. It is intuitive and comes with all the necessary functionalities and is absolutely fair in price.”