4me is trusted by global leaders in SIAM and Service delivery.
Read our success stories to learn more.

4me success story - APA-IT


APA-IT replaces OMNITRACKER with 4me to work more seamlessly together with its customers
“The extra features that 4me offers out of the box help customers work together more effectively with their external service providers. This is now one of APA-IT’s competitive advantages.”

4me success story – Credendo


Insurance group Credendo chose 4me to help it achieve operational excellence and to increase customer satisfaction.
“Without this solution, we could not achieve operational excellence and customer satisfaction, together with a complete view and control of our daily operations. This value is priceless.”

4me success story -Daikin


Daikin Europe selected 4me to replace HP OpenView ServiceDesk
“Switching our service management tool to 4me was no jump into darkness. It was a conscious decision to offer more clarity and transparency within IT and to our internal customers. The service levels and KPIs can now be tracked by all stakeholders.”

4me success story - Deloitte


Deloitte Belgium switches to 4me to give its employees the fastest and most user-friendly access to support for their IT services, answers to their HR questions, help with their lease cars, etc.
“It was the elegance, the superior user experience, that made 4me stand out. A lot of attention has been paid to the design of the application. The team that developed it clearly understands the needs of the people who use their tool.”

4me success story – Egmont


Egmont wanted a responsive and speedy cloud-based service management solution to replace a poorly performing on-premises one.
“The project was delivered on time, on budget and best of all, 99% user satisfaction.”

4me success story -ESAS


ESAS selected 4me to standardize service provision and to help grow their remote service desk offering to customers, increase quality and improve efficiency across the business.
“It’s all about standardization and processes. As we grow continuously, ESAS also needs a structured way of working in ITSM tooling and this is offered by the implementation of 4me. On top of that, the tool also fully supports our mission for maximum customer experience with user friendly interfaces.”

4me success story - ICT

ICT Shared Services

Belgian Government ICT Shared Services switched from CA Service Desk Manager
to 4me for improved SLA tracking and increased collaboration.

“Since our migration to 4me, we have a better view of the services we provide to our customers and we can also better track the services we receive from our external providers. We also improved the adoption of ITIL processes within our organization.”

4me success story -Leyrer + Graf

Leyrer + Graf

Leyrer + Graf selected 4me to boost IT department productivity and collaboration across three different locations
“Now organizations can get mature ITIL processes in less than 50% of the time this takes with toolbox applications. 4me is disrupting the ITSM industry in a very positive way.”

4me success story -OverTheWeb


OverTheWeb Implements 4me to meet strong demand for Microsoft Office 365 and hosted VoIP services
“Finally there’s an ITSM solution that understands the needs of external service providers.”

4me success story - Raet


Raet wanted to replace its aging ITSM solution and chose 4me as its new service
management platform to improve customer satisfaction.

“Every IT organization or department can benefit from the easy-to-use, reliable possibilities that 4me offers.”

4me – Savaco success story


Savaco wanted a modern, multi-tenant service management application that was fit for the future.
“The SIAM capabilities of 4me, resulting in the absolute multi-tenancy of the app, is something we really needed and that only 4me could offer us.”

4me success story -TWC


TWC selected 4me to provide seamless service to their customers via one integrated service provider.
“We are very happy with 4me. It is cutting edge technology, helping us to realize our mission of improving organizations by means of IT.”