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Cabka Successfully Invests in More IT Efficiency, Teamwork and a Self-Service Approach








The fact that the tool is so user-friendly is definitely a critical element in the quick and widespread user adoption.

Cabka has been developing and producing products from recycled plastic for more than 35 years. The company is a pioneer in processing hard-to-recycle plastics and makes a wide range of technical plastic products from industrial and household waste. Cabka is present worldwide and has production facilities in Belgium, Germany, Spain and the US. The Cabka IT team provides support to 500 employees, spread across locations in different countries.

Central IT, Global Support

Cabka’s activities may be spread worldwide, but Cabka resolutely opts for centralization when it comes to IT. The organization comes from a situation where each Cabka branch had its own local IT environment. In recent years they have consciously opted for central IT management.

The manufacturer’s choice for 4me is in line with this centralization strategy. “We don’t have local IT experts in our various locations today, but we want to continue to guarantee good support to all our employees. We used to have a ticketing system, but our employees hardly used it. When we introduced 4me, this changed quickly,” says Hans Callens, Group IT Director at Cabka.


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Mohammed El-Khatib

“Especially when launching major IT projects, it becomes clear how important a tool like 4me is. We highly recommend 4me for companies that want to focus on efficient IT processes, teamwork within the IT team and self-service for users.”

Mohammed El-Khatib, IT Project Manager, Cabka


To implement 4me within Cabka, the company could count on the expertise of Savaco. “It is thanks to Savaco that we got to know 4me, and it is also the Savaco team that guided us in its rollout within Cabka. This went very smoothly from the start. We started small and expanded the system step by step,” explains Hans.


After the first group of users did the standard 4me training, myBrand, in collaboration with Joost-IT, created screencasts to train the bulk of the consultants. These screencasts now function as a reference and are also used for our external customers and suppliers. myBrand created a special web page explaining what 4me can do for them, what has changed and how to use the Self Service portal.

Go Live

Crucial in optimizing the IT support process is that users quickly and gladly adopt the new way of working. “That was a challenge for us,” says Hans, “Our colleagues were used to calling us or just popping in at our office to ask a question, and creating a new habit is not always easy. However, most users found their way to 4me very quickly. The fact that the tool is so user-friendly is definitely a critical element in this user adoption.”

At Cabka, 4me is not only used for questions from internal users to IT, but also to optimize the collaboration between the IT department and external partners. For example, a connection was established with IT partner Savaco in order to easily escalate questions to the Savaco Service Desk. 4me is also used for communication with other external partners.

In addition, Cabka aims to involve other departments than IT in the 4me story in the future. “With 4me, you can not only ask questions to IT but also streamline other central enterprise services,” explains Hans. “Now that the process at IT is going smoothly, we will look at optimizing other processes such as onboarding or quality via 4me in the future.”


Today, Cabka has been working with 4me for about two years. The platform works as a sort of internal ‘help button’ through which users from all Cabka sites can ask questions to IT. “For us on the IT side, it is very useful that we can re-consult our internal notes on tickets later. In this way, we create a knowledge base for our team, in which all colleagues within the IT team can find the solution for common questions, without having to reinvent the wheel themselves,” says Mohammed.

“On the other hand, with 4me we also created a self-service system for our users. When we answer their question via 4me, we always provide some information or tips to avoid the problem in the future. When creating a ticket, people can also check whether they have asked this question before and what the solution was then. In this way, users are increasingly finding a solution themselves, without having to consult IT.”

This self-service approach benefits efficiency in the IT team. But 4me also offers advantages in terms of teamwork and IT management, says Mohammed: “In the past, when a user simply called someone from the IT team with a problem, this information often did not go beyond the site where the problem occurred. Now that every question is centrally registered, our IT team has a much better overview of what is going on in the various sites. This allows us to coordinate our tasks better and work together more efficiently within the IT team.”

“Thanks to 4me, we can now support our colleagues in a very structured way. An employee logs a ticket, we at IT provide an answer or a solution, and all this information remains available. This gives great advantages for the future.”

Mohammed El-Khatib
IT Project Manager, Cabka

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