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Insurance group Credendo was looking for a more flexible service management solution and chose 4me to help it achieve operational excellence and to increase customer satisfaction.

About Credendo

Credendo is a European credit insurance group, with its origins in a Delcredere Committee set up in 1921 to guarantee Belgian export transactions. It has 520 employees, is headquartered in Belgium and has offices in 14 European countries.

It provides customized insurance and reinsurance solutions, guarantees, bonding and financing related to domestic and international trade transactions or investments abroad. It protects companies, banks and insurance undertakings against credit and political risks, and facilitates the financing of such transactions.

A search for greater flexibility

Credendo decided to look for a new service management solution as its old tool, SysAid, was lacking in flexibility and automation functionalities. Credendo also found that it lacked support for SIAM, mainly in the measurement of SLAs and OLAs.

The insurance group involved all relevant staff in the selection of a new ITSM/SIAM solution, from the CIO, to the Service Desk staff, support teams and the end-users. As part of the selection procedure, Credendo also considered ServiceNow, TOPdesk, SAP Solution Manager and JIRA ServiceDesk.



  • Financial


  • EMEA


  • Flexibility and SIAM support
“The key savings are not easy to express in terms of euros. However, we like to see it more in terms of value the solution brings us. Without this solution, we could not achieve operational excellence and customer satisfaction, together with a complete view and control of our daily operations. This value is priceless.”
Jon Holvoet
Chief Technology Officer, Credendo


Jon Holvoet, IT Operations Manager at Credendo, says the complexity of the organization, both in terms of its structure and its delivered services, affected the implementation process. He explains that Credendo is in a growth period, where it is outsourcing a great deal of its IT-related services. However, the implementation process took only six months, from workshops at the start to go-live. During the implementation period, Credendo also defined the service catalog, there was classroom training on the process roles and the organization was guided through the change to the new ITSM/SIAM solution.


Jon explains: “The 4me solution itself is easy to set up, it really comes with all features you expect from a modern service management solution. The hardest thing to do is to define a good service catalog.”


Since 4me has been implemented, Credendo has seen a difference in its daily operations. Jon says: “We have less administration and have a better view on how well we are performing towards our customers.”

What has impressed the organization most is 4me’s measurement of Service Levels. Jon explains: “We have a lot of outsourcing partners and, with this feature, we can follow up on their performance and our performance.”

Overall, Jon says that 4me has helped Credendo by supporting all teams and outsourcing partners to work together and helping it to concentrate on the service that it needs to deliver, rather than spending time on administrative tasks and endless discussions.



  • Service Level Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Incident Management
  • Request Fulfillment
  • Change Management
  • Service Catalog
  • Self-Service Portal