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Deloitte Belgium selected 4me to give its employees the fastest and most user-friendly access to support so that employees can focus on serving their customers. 4me provides employees with IT services, answers to HR questions and even help with car leasing.

All About People

Deloitte is the largest professional services network in the world by revenue and by the number of professionals. Deloitte provides audit, tax, consulting, enterprise risk and financial advisory services. In Belgium, Deloitte has more than 2,800 employees in 11 locations across the country. It serves national and international companies, from small and middle-sized enterprises, to public sector and nonprofit organizations.

It’s the employees that make Deloitte exceptional. Each person is unique and valued for being among the best and brightest in the business. And there is a strong believe in the strengths that can be derived from diversity. There are 44 nationalities within the Belgian firm. The gender diversity ratio is almost balanced with a workforce made up of 46% women to 54% men. Because the success of the firm is directly tied to the quality of the people it employs, it invests heavily to make sure it recruits and retains the best.

Giving Them the Best

“Hiring the best people is just the beginning,” explains Jean-Marie Van Cutsem, Security Manager, CISO at Deloitte Belgium. “Retaining the best requires much more. “The people who work for Deloitte want to succeed. We have created an environment in which they can do that. If they need anything, there are teams of support professionals within the company ready to help them. “This allows them to concentrate on delivering value to their customers. We want our support professionals to be able to excel in the same way. We have to give them the tools that allow them to be the best at what they do. That’s what is on our minds when we select tools for our staff.”



  • Professional Services


  • Belgium


  • Existing ITSM solution took much time and tool-specific knowledge to maintain
  • Support for additional ITIL processes, like change management, needed
  • HR and Fleet Management departments in need of an online support portal
jean marie van cutsem
“It was the elegance, the superior user experience, that made 4me stand out. A lot of attention has been paid to the design of the application. The team that developed it clearly understands the needs of the people who use their tool.”
Jean-Marie Van Cutsem
Deloitte Belgium

The Need for a New Tool

Deloitte Belgium’s homegrown ITSM solution was working well for Incident Management and Configuration Management. It even included a few advanced integrations that automated many of the provisioning steps for rolling out new PCs and bringing new employees on board. Demand for an online self-service portal and more advanced Change Management features pushed the organization to make a decision. They could either invest in a significant development effort to extend the existing tool, or they could look for a new off-the shelf solution. A quick comparison of the pros and cons indicated that it was time to select a new service management application.


SAP Support

The SAP environments that Deloitte Belgium uses are hosted and supported by separate teams of specialists. To ensure that they would be able to collaborate smoothly, these support teams decided to set up their own 4me environment for Deloitte Belgium’s SAP-related incidents and changes.


InfraVision, the company that helped Deloitte Belgium migrate to 4me, prepared the necessary 4me accounts to ensure that this collaboration takes place in a secure fashion. “The implementation of our HR Shared Service center implied specific demands as we wanted to guarantee complete confidentiality to our internal clients with only authorized HR staff able to access the information,“ says Isabelle De Becker, Director HR Operations at Deloitte Belgium. “This specific setup required a lot of tuning of the configuration and even some new features that were added to 4me. The outcome of the strategic setup made it possible for all users (2,800 people) to filter on FAQs before contacting our HR experts.”


The following ITIL processes were included in the scope of the deployment of the 4me service:

  • Request Fulfilment
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Change Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Configuration Management


  • Set up separate 4me accounts for the different support departments
  • Set up additional 4me accounts for highly confidential HR support requests
  • Prepare one home page from which the support portals from the different departments can be accessed
  • Ensure that all accounts are linked to support workflows across department boundaries, while ensuring that support staff can only access the information that they are authorized to see
  • Build integrations between HR and IT systems to automate provisioning for new employees
  • Automatically upload 4me data to onpremise data warehouse for advanced reporting and analytics


  • Reliable and consistent online access to support from IT, HR, Fleet Management, Facility Management, etc.
  • Additional provisioning tasks have been automated
  • Improved management decision support from advanced reporting
  • Online support capabilities extended to include applications (like SAP and DIAS) managed for external customers
martijn adams

“The service catalog of Deloitte Belgium is large and complex. Many services are obtained from member firms in other countries, as well as from external service providers. The services that are delivered to the customers and employees are often made up of components provided by internal and external providers. It was impressive to see how easily the entire service catalog could be modeled in 4me.”

Martijn Adams, 4me