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KKH Delitzsch

KKH Delitzsch Selects 4me to Transform Its Service Delivery





One complete and user-friendly platform improves user satisfaction and service efficiency

German hospital group Kreiskrankenhaus Delitzsch GmbH has 2 locations, in Delitzsch and Eilenburg, and 260 beds in total. In their clinics, they combine modern medicine with a human touch. 
KKH employs around 1,000 people in its clinics and subsidiaries, 95 of them doctors. They treat over 12,000 inpatients and over 13,000 outpatients a year.

Looking for an easy-to-use and transparent service management solution

Michael Kaul, IT Manager at KKH Delitzsch, has worked for the hospital group for 17 years. They were using DeskCenter version 11 as their service management tool but found they were lacking the necessary functionality. The handling of requests and incidents was no longer adequate; a lot was still being handled by email or phone, and the solution was slow to perform. The IT team was looking for a new service management solution to replace Deskcenter.
They wanted a cloud solution with more functionality that was easier to use and transparent, making it easy to implement workflows and track individual services. The solution also had to be easy to administer and configure. 
The team carefully considered several options and ended up selecting 4me. Michael explains:

“The functionalities 4me provides are great and cover all our needs. Aside from the Service Desk, Agile Boards, Contract Management, Project Management, and many more features are already included in the complete package and cost nothing extra to use, which is fantastic.”

“The flexible licensing model, making it possible to scale up and down as we wish, also suited us very well, and the fact that it is a cloud solution. We don’t have to worry about infrastructure or expensive upgrades, which reduces the total cost of ownership considerably.”
“The world keeps turning, and we have to keep up. The only constant is change. 4me is future-proof and flexible, and I believe it will help us keep up with the constant change.”


  • Healthcare


  • Germany


  • KKH needed a cloud solution with more functionality that was easier to use and transparent, making it easy to implement service workflows and track individual services.



“The world keeps turning, and we have to keep up. The only constant is change. 4me is future-proof and flexible, and I believe it will help us keep up with the constant change.”

Michael Kaul
IT Manager at KKH Delitzsch


Local 4me partner bluSystems was chosen to help with the implementation. Michael: “They are an experienced implementation partner, and it is very easy to communicate with them: they are uncomplicated, always courteous, and provide fast service. 4me, in combination with bluSystems, was exactly the right fit for us. We highly value the collaboration.” 
The implementation took approximately 8 weeks, including proof of concept. The actual implementation took only 4 weeks. 

Michael: “It was a very smooth implementation, according to plan, on budget, and even quicker than expected.”

KKH had been working with its previous solution for 20 years. Michael: “There is always resistance to change, but once people see all the benefits of the new way of working in 4me, that resistance quickly disappears.”


bluSystems trained IT during the POC stage, and afterward, they were trained with real-use cases. KKH was offered bluSystem’s Hyper Care for two weeks after the go live. And there were ‘free to join lessons,’ that everybody with questions about 4me could join.


  • Request Fulfillment
  • Incident Management
  • Self Service
  • Knowledge Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Change Management
  • Project Management


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Results: Increased user satisfaction and service efficiency

Solution and response times have improved, and processes run much smoother and quicker since 4me was implemented. Michael: “Customer and IT employee satisfaction has increased considerably since implementing 4me, and we have become more efficient. Tickets are processed much faster, and thanks to the improved transparency, we always have an accurate and real-time status overview of the services we provide.” 
“The Self Service portal backed by the knowledge articles makes employees more self-sufficient, which in turn makes them more productive. We are also hoping to use the knowledge base articles much more in the near future.”
The team appreciates the real-time and end-to-end visibility in 4me. It is easy to track the exact status, quality, and cost of each individual service. Michael: “This also unburdens IT management. Responsibilities are always clear, and we have a good overview of recurring problems and their solutions.”

“Everyone in the IT team is happy with the switch; they appreciate all the out-of-the-box functionalities, the ease of use, and the fast performance. Customization is also great. You can do a lot yourself, and it’s easy to understand.”

KKH has realized significant savings thanks to 4me’s flexible licensing model with all the functionalities they need included from the start. The current project management tool, for example, can easily be replaced by project management in 4me, which doesn’t cost anything.
The integrated reservation module is another feature in 4me that has made a real difference. Michael explains: “We finally have the possibility to offer our end users and specialists hardware products such as laptops, beamers, and TVs, in a convenient and organized way.”

“The reservation module provides the end user with a detailed and always up-to-date list of all the available devices. And it saves us time and energy, as we can now easily track and trace borrowed items and no longer have to chase the customer. So, this feature is a win-win for both end-users and specialists.”

Michael is pleased with the collaboration with 4me and bluSystems. blu always reacts quickly and implements KKH’s requests quickly and cost-effectively. “I appreciate the short lines of communication and the thorough and quick support we receive. We always feel well-advised by a very experienced team.”
The teams currently using 4me are IT, medical technology, Facility Management, and HR for the onboarding process. In the future, Michael sees more departments joining the platform: “4me sells itself. We spent three years trying to convince HR to automate the onboarding process, for example, and now with 4me, it finally worked. Now that they are using it themselves, they see the advantages of the new tool.”

“The whole project was a great success; we are super satisfied with the new tool, the swift implementation, and the support we receive.”

“The whole project was a great success; we are super satisfied with the new tool, the swift implementation, and the support we receive.”

Michael Kaul
IT Manager at KKH Delitzsch