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About the customer

Nationaal Restauratiefonds (National Restoration Fund) was founded in 1985 to help with financing the purchase and preservation of historic buildings in the Netherlands. It believes that by breathing new life into an old building, its stories can continue to be told to new generations.

Reason for evaluation

Nationaal Restauratiefonds shared an IT and Finance service centre with two other funds. When it was decided the funds should become independent, they had to set up their own IT infrastructure. The fund was facing the immense task of creating an IT organization from scratch, including process design, hiring people and introducing new technologies. In order to support all of this it was important to have service management available from the very beginning. The implementation of an ITSM tool would however have to take place in a very volatile and changing environment.

Several service management tools were considered, but they did not meet the fund’s requirements or were ruled out due to high costs. After reviewing vendor demos and their implementation approach, the fund selected 4me. Barbara Blom, IT Lead Nationaal Restauratiefonds: “As a management organization we wanted all basic ITIL and ITSM features but also workflow automation and easy collaboration with our providers.”


  • NFP Foundations


  • Netherlands

What was implemented

  • Incident Management
  • Configuration and Asset Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Change Management
  • Project Management
  • Knowledge Management


  • Azure Active Directory via SCIM provisioning
  • SSO
  • Suppliers via APIs or email

“4me does not stop at the boundaries of our organization and that leads to meaningful conversations with suppliers and management.”

Barbara Blom, IT Lead, Nationaal Restauratiefonds

Hands-on help to find the best approach

4me was initially implemented in IT. The implementation, by the SIAM and ITSM experts at Bright Octopus, only took two-and-a-half months, even though the organization was still rapidly evolving.

From the very beginning Bright Octopus made sure that the fund had full visibility and control over the service delivery chain, from employee to provider. The information delivered by this approach ensured the IT management team could prevent the issues that often come with such complex implementations in changing environments.

“The 4me solution is very intuitive, especially for those with ITIL knowledge, so the Fund’s staff did not need much training to start using it. When needed, we asked for instructions from Bright Octopus or discussed topics in work meetings. It went wonderfully well.

Our interactions with 4me staff and support have also delivered a lot of added value. “With 4me you get an explanation of how to approach things and what the best practice is to achieve your goal. 4me tries to find out what your concern is and where the question comes from, in order to solve it instead of implementing every single customization someone comes up with.”

Results - Easy-to-use, offers great insight and enables flexibility

From day one, 74 per cent of all requests and incidents went through the 4me Self Service Portal and in the first three months, 1,000 tickets were received. “That is a lot for our organization. This is because employees and staff find 4me so easy to use.”

“From day one I have been in control with 4me, not only where it is going well, but also where I have to discuss progress and performance, including with external providers. It is a true SIAM solution!”

The Reporting Dashboard has also made a big difference to the company. Barbara comments, “4me gives me all I need, the insight into where things are going well or not and performance metrics of our suppliers.”

4me expansion for the fund

Working with 4me and Bright Octopus has been a highlight of the project. Barbara says “Changes were timely. When we ran into integration problems, they were fixed within a week. It is real added value to be able to switch quickly at that level.” 4me has been so successful in helping Nationaal Restauratiefonds’ IT Department, that it is being extended for use in Housing and Facilities. Due to 4me’s architecture, build for SIAM and Enterprise Service Management (ESM), this is expected to be another fast and successful implementation.

“From day one I have been in control with 4me, not only where it is going well, but also where I have to discuss progress and performance, including with external providers. It is a true SIAM solution!”

Barbara Blom
IT Lead, Nationaal Restauratiefonds

4me success story restauratiefonds