OverTheWeb selected 4me to help meet a strong demand for Microsoft Office 365 and hosted VoIP services from their customers. Self Service was a key part of the decision as it enables OverTheWeb customers to track the progress of their requests.

Cloud Services

Small and medium businesses have embraced the cloud as a costeffective means of improving productivity without having to worry about the technology behind it.

For OvertheWeb, which specializes in providing IT services to SMBs in the Netherlands, this has meant strong demand for services like Microsoft Office 365 and hosted voice over IP.

Cost Advantage

OvertheWeb is able to provide its services at a lower rate than its customers can. This is due to the fact that the specialists of OvertheWeb can support multiple customers. Having this critical mass of users allows OvertheWeb to automate many administrative tasks, which improves the quality of the services and gives specialists the ability to focus on special requirements of individual customers. Keeping the administrative overhead low for the specialists is therefore critical for OvertheWeb. To help improve the efficiency and also the scalability of the support organization, it was time for an IT service management application.

In the past, the costs of implementing an ITSM application were such that the return on investment was negative for most small and mid-size IT service providers. The initial investment in licenses and configuration of the application was simply too costly. And most ITSM solutions require a lot of administration, which distracts from the work that needs to be done for customers.

Pieter van der Meulen, owner at OvertheWeb points out, “The ROI calculation for 4me looks completely different. There are no license costs and no initial set-up costs. The administration required is minimal and because 4me is a true pay-as-you-go service, the risk it represents for our organization is negligible.


  • IT Outsourcing


  • Netherlands


  • Make support organization more scalable
  • Give customers online access to support
  • Avoid additional administrative overhead
  • “Finally there’s an ITSM solution that understands the needs of external service providers.”

    Pieter van der Meulen
    Pieter van der Meulen OverTheWeb


To meet the requirements, only the following three processes needed to be implemented:

  • Service Portfolio & Catalog Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Request & Incident Management

The configuration of 4me for OvertheWeb took only a few hours. Populating 4me with the service catalog, customer contact details and SLAs took roughly 3 days. These days were spread over a period of a few weeks because the data had to be gathered at times when it would not interfere with the day-to-day operations at OvertheWeb.

The implementation was performed by easyITSM, a 4me partner in the Netherlands. “This was the first 4me implementation for us,” explains Maurice van den Driessche of easyITSM. “I am still amazed how smoothly the implementation went. There were no technical issues whatsoever, which is something I have not witnessed in my 15+ years in the ITSM industry


Another reason why 4me is so attractive to external service providers is that its self-service interface for customers is free of charge. “By offering our customers the ability to track the progress of their requests online, we give them the reassurance that we will not forget about them. It reduces the number of calls we get at the service desk and leaves a more professional impression,” explains Pieter van der Meulen.


  • 4me for management of all requests
  • 4me Self Service to allow customers to submit and track their requests


  • All requests prioritized according to SLAs
  • Requests pass smoothly between different support specialists
  • Automatic notifications keep requests moving toward a resolution
  • Support specialists more efficient with all information in one application
  • Customers request support using the branded
  • OvertheWeb self service portal
  • SLA maintenance more efficient thanks to service catalog

Exceeding Expectations

“The management information that is gathered when people start to work with 4me is simply unprecedented,” says Maurice van den Driessche. “We did not need to develop any reports; everything is already there.” Pieter van der Meulen adds, “Management information was not one of the primary goals of the implementation. I always felt that my hands-on role within the company provided me the complete picture. But now that I can track all these trends, its is hard to imagine anyone running their organization without this knowledge.

Next Step

“We also plan to use 4me to keep track of our assets. This is an important next step, because most of the equipment we support is physically located at the premises of our customers,” says Pieter van der Meulen. “The configuration management functionality and training material are already available to us, so it is up to us to decide when we are ready.”

Maurice van den Driessche

“I am still amazed how smoothly the implementation went. There were no technical issues whatsoever, which is something I have not witnessed in my 15+ years in the ITSM industry.”

Maurice van den Driessche, easyITSM