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Raet wanted to replace its aging ITSM solution and chose 4me as its new service management platform to improve customer satisfaction.

Rising international star in HR software

Raet provides HR software and services that enable managers and employees to handle their own HR affairs. About 1.7 million people use Raet software on a daily basis. It started out as a company that offered ICT solutions for computerized payroll, accounting and, later, staff records. It is the first company to develop HR software in the cloud and is a leading player in the HR sector in the Netherlands. It is also a rising star internationally.

Raet looks to partner in all fields, in order to be that strategic, tactical and operational HR Solutions provider, in a wide range of areas, including efficiency, performance, systems integration, HR analytics and talent management.

Search for a platform to support internal and external customers

Raet’s previous ITSM/SIAM solution was nearing its end of life and the organization needed to find a new service management platform that would work for internal IT as well as customer support. The solution needed to be hosted in the European Union or onpremises, because of the obligation to store customer data in the Netherlands or in the Eurozone.

A full project team was set up to go through the request for information and quote process. This team comprised users, management and board members from all departments that would be served by the new solution. The team considered Salesforce, Remedyforce and ServiceNow before it opted to go with 4me.

Customer Service Center Manager Frans van Oudheusden, who led the implementation project, says: “4me covered all requirements, it was easy to use and had a very good performance. The pricing was very competitive, both for license and implementation costs.”

“We also placed great trust in the advice of InfraVision (4me’s partner) as they have been our partner for Service Management for more than ten years.”


  • MSP


  • Netherlands (Headquarters)


  • A single service management platform for internal IT as well as customer support but divided in application support and HR services support
  • Need to be able to store data in the Netherlands and the Eurozone
  • Must be easy to use
  • There is a need to migrate 15,000 requests from old system without losing the full audit trail
Frans van Oudheusden
“Every IT organization or department can benefit from the easy-to-use, reliable possibilities that 4me offers.”
Frans Van Oudheusden

The implementation was split into three parts. The first part was the implementation of Request Management and Service Level Management for the Customer Service Center (application support). This was shortly followed by Knowledge Management (KCS-based). This took about six months. The second stage of the implementation was Request Management and Change Management for corporate IT, which took only a few months.

The third part was the implementation of the Request Management and Service Level Management for the Customer Request Management, and then Service Level Management for the Customer Support Organization of the Business Process Outsourcing unit of Raet. This was followed shortly by Knowledge Management. This final stage took about 100 consultancy days because the services and service level agreements needed to be standardized.

Frans van Oudheusden says that the implementation forced Raet to look again at its processes and way of working, which had been in place for a long time. “It was a learning curve. We had a challenging project planning, but we managed it.”

Because of the SIAM structure of 4me, Raet spent quite some time on (re)defining its service catalog to gain the maximum benefit from the automated routing of 4me. It had to migrate about 15,000 requests (open and closed) from the old system without losing the full audit trail of these tickets. The main reason for this is that Raet customers need an overview of a complete year.

Several integrations were implemented into 4me. These include SSO, Active Directory, an integration with Raet’s contract service management application and an integration with Visual Team Services. Frans van Oudheusden says that the implementation process was aided by the close cooperation between all the people involved and the development team. “The close contact with 4me was very special and unique. The feeling we created was that we had to be successful from day one.”

The continued relationship with InfraVision was also an important part of the implementation process. Frans van Oudheusden says: “InfraVision’s determination and commitment in supporting us to achieve our goals was more than welcome.”


Although classroom training was provided, Frans van Oudheusden says: “As 4me is very intuitive, it took only a fraction of the normal training effort for other tools. In addition, we have benefited from the online training opportunities that 4me offers.

Go live

After the go live, Raet took steps to overcome issues arising from an “old way of thinking with a new way of working”. It now has a complete service management process across the business, including for its development teams in India, Spain, the Netherlands and in Argentina.

4me now gives Raet a clear and complete overview of service management processes, allowing those who use it to see the status of each interaction and who is responsible at each stage. This transparency allows the business to understand when it does not meet its SLAs, exactly how and why this happened, giving Raet the ability to make changes and to improve service to prevent this occurring again.

Frans van Oudheusden explains: “We now have a clear view on who is performing in the service delivery chain to our customers. This really helps us to improve our services.” Raet’s previous system of checks and balances for monitoring processes is now unnecessary, as 4me performs this automatically.


  • 4me offers a clear and complete overview of service management processes
  • Management can see when, where and how SLAs are met or not met
  • Raet customers gain real-time information about their request
  • 4me is intuitive and easy to use


  • 4me has improved visibility and speed of service for Raet customers, which has had a positive impact on customer satisfaction
Frans van Oudheusden

“The improvements we made are reflected every day. That fast interaction with our customers and the real-time information they have regarding their request has had a positive impact on customer satisfaction.”

Frans Van Oudheusden, Raet