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A Grand Solution for Great Ambitions








4me is a consolidated and scalable service management solution with both short and long-term benefits for Sistemaš’ service delivery.

Sistemaš is a Croatian managed service provider, providing IT services to medium and small companies. Their services include consulting, design, construction and maintenance of IT infrastructure, and system support to customers. Sistemaš is based in Zagreb and supports around 50 clients throughout the country.

On Top of Their Game

Like many other companies with growing business and staff, Sistemaš saw a growing need for a centralized overview and insight regarding their service delivery. Having used several tools for the tracking of their hours and work, they decided it was time to move to a consolidated solution. It was their partner, IMAVES, that introduced them to the 4me ITSM tool.


  • IT Services


  • Croatia


  • ITSM 

“This was a big step for a small company like ours, but it is absolutely worth it. We are now in complete control of the issues that our customers have. If a customer has the same issue twice, the knowledge articles immediately show us the solution we used before. If we see that the issue is recurring, we start looking for the underlying problem. 4me helps us serve our customers faster and better.”

Aleksandar Malešević, IT Director Sistemaš


IMAVES, 4me’s Croatian partner that joined the 4me partner network in 2020, performed the implementation in close collaboration with the Sistemaš engineers. It took less than two months for the initial implementation. After going live, they continued their efforts, polishing reports and adding functionality. Every two weeks, another part of 4me was implemented. Sistemaš perceived the cooperation as very successful, with IMAVES being helpful and always available.

At this stage, none of the 50 customers are directly connected to the Self Service portal, but this might change soon. One of Sistemaš’ largest customers has already shown a keen interest in adopting 4me and bringing collaboration to an even higher level.  So far, the only integration with the system has been with Microsoft 365, used to log on to 4me.

To further alleviate the pressure on their client in learning to work with the new ticketing solution, IMAVES organized a workshop where all service and request data was collectively entered into the system.


  • Request Fulfillment
  • Incident Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Self Service portal
  • Service Level Management
  • Time Tracking

Go Live

From the moment Sistemaš went live with 4me, feedback from both their own people and customers indicates that the company has made a big step forward in service delivery. The IT director is happy with how well the system has been adopted by the other staff and is especially impressed with 4me’s search capabilities: “We used to have a lot of knowledge stored in Word documents, but it was a pain to find them. Now, everything is uploading to 4me as knowledge articles. I literally only have to type in 3 or 4 letters in the search bar, and the exact knowledge article I need is before me. And as a manager, I’m happy to finally be able to see what everyone is working on and how long requests take to finish.”


IMAVES has already implemented Service Level Management for Sistemaš, and the company is now learning how to work with it. Soon they will be able to actively monitor service levels, and have some quantitative metrics to prove their improved service delivery. So far, qualitative results are undoubtedly positive.

Aleksandar concludes: “We actively recommend 4me to our clients. The quality of our support has gone up, not in the least because we have a much better overview of open requests. Also, it’s such an intuitive system. We are working for a large company as secondary support, and they have already shown interest in 4me. It would be great to connect our systems so we can collaborate even better. Hopefully, more and more of our clients will make the move.”

“We are a growing company, and it’s important for us to have a system that can grow with us. Also, being a service provider, it is important that we can show our customers that we are on top of our game. Customer satisfaction is already growing. We would be surprised if none of our customers will follow our lead and implement 4me as well.”

Aleksandar Malešević, IT Director Sistemaš