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Sovereign Speed

A Superfast ITSM Implementation Exceeding the Customer’s High Expectations

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As soon as we realized how much 4me could mean for our internal organization, we immediately canceled our ongoing efforts to implement another solution.

Sovereign Speed is an independent transport and handling specialist for courier, transport and logistics companies, providing dynamic, reliable and high-speed transportation of time-sensitive goods. The company delivers over a million orders per year, and as such is one of Europe’s leading providers of time-critical transportation solutions. With its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany, Sovereign employs more than 750 people at 17 sites in 7 Countries.

Best Value for Money

To gain more insight into its internal IT service processes, Sovereign Speed needed a solution that could help them standardize workflows. So far, they had only used ZenDesk, a helpdesk system, to manage some aspects of their services. Knowledge Management and a self-service portal were important requirements to further ease the workload of the service desk.

As a first step, the IT organization decided on using Ivanti Service Manager. But even during the preparations for that project, work on its implementation was halted.


  • Logistics


  • Germany


  • As an ad hoc and unplanned ITSM project, initially insufficient resources were available. However, the Expertize Quick Implementation approach in combination with 4me ease of use quickly led to the promised success.
  • A lack of clearly documented services when viewed from the end user’s perspective. The service catalog was completely redesigned to deliver a highly effective tool for Sovereign Speed to manage their internal IT and provide quality support for the end users.


  • ITSM
Alexander Kress

“Getting started with 4me was so simple and we have already seen that we will not run into a wall, regardless of how much we might grow or how much our requirements might expand. 4me is ideal for any sized company, because it is impossible to outgrow 4me.”

Alexander Kress, IT Director, Sovereign Speed


Service management experts Expertize, a German 4me partner, did the implementation for Sovereign Speed in close collaboration with the IT director and staff. It was a very fast implementation that only took 30 days, including integrations with Azure AD, SSO, LANDesk and WebHooks for software deployment. No classroom training was necessary, as the standard E-learning 4me provides was enough for the customer to start working with the system right away.


  • Request Fulfillment
  • Incident Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Configuration and Asset Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Change Management
  • Release Management

Go Live

Going live with 4me was just as easy as the implementation process. Sovereign Speed worked closely with their partner Expertize, a highly rated and experienced 4me specialist in Germany. The user experience of the Self Service portal ensured a high acceptance rate within the organization.

The IT department was particularly impressed with how painless it was to adapt the system to the organization and its workflows and how easy it was to connect WebHooks and Azure AD. For them,
the automation rules and the form design possibilities were possibly even more impressive.


The customized request templates give Sovereign Speed all required information to be able to fulfill the requests and make its customers even happier than before. Previously, due to unstructured data and information in the requests, automations were not possible. With 4me, Sovereign Speed can now create complex automations and save a lot of time and resources for common tasks.

4me now provides full transparency of services and processing times, making the status and progress of requests visible to users. With the ability of getting direct customer feedback related to the request, they now know what they are doing right and what to improve upon.

“Because the need for a service management tool in our organization was urgent, we decided to install Ivanti after quick internal research. But after we enlisted the help of our partner Expertize, they convinced us quickly that with 4me, we would get much more out-of-the-box functionality for the same money. For less money, in fact. So we stopped the Ivanti project and implemented 4me ITSM. A decision we have not regretted for one moment.”

Alexander Kress, IT Director, Sovereign Speed

4me success story - sovereign speed