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TTTech Auto

TTTech Auto Switched to 4me to Harmonize Its Tool Landscape







One flexible and easy-to-use service management platform across the organization improves business agility and efficiency

TTTech Auto Group is a global automotive supplier. Founded in 2018 in Vienna, it provides solutions for the challenges of future vehicle generations. It designs and implements safety-critical and future-proof platform-centric solutions for the automotive industry. With leading technology solutions, the company ensures safety and electronic robustness for a more automated world.
TTTech Auto operates under the umbrella of the TTTech Group, a technology leader in robust networking and safety controls. The TTTech Group is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and is also present in several other locations in Europe, the USA, and Asia.

One easy-to-use solution for the whole group that enables easy integration with other systems

Prior to 2018, there was a close collaboration model in place with companies in Serbia, Türkiye, and Spain, which subsequently all merged into one TTTech Group. As these companies in Spain, Türkiye and Serbia were previously independent, they brought their own IT infrastructure, tool and process landscape.

In Vienna, the TTTech Group employs around 500 people. TTTech Group and TTTech Auto use the same tools. They have been using 4me for quite some time, not only for staff administration and ticketing, but also for IT equipment (inventory management). JIRA was used in Spain and a local application (WTIS) was used in CEE and Türkiye.
A project was started to migrate users in CEE, Türkiye and Iberia to a single tenant in Vienna (Austria and Germany). IT had to upgrade the CEE hardware structure and align internally which tools they wanted to use. Especially the staff administration (internal and external HR) was a big topic. Jira and 4me were put to the test before making a final decision.
The objective was to switch to one future-proof platform to harmonize the tool landscape across the group. The chosen tool had to be easy to use, provide real-time results and offer good (outof-the-box) integration capabilities.
Another challenge was the different sets of rules per region. For example, workflows had to be configured specifically for the regions for employee onboarding and offboarding. With the new tool, it had to be easy to adapt to these local needs.
And since the ITIL methodology is used throughout the company, the new service management solution had to comply with it.
Ferdinand Schluderman, Group Transformation Manager at TTTech Auto, explains that “4me was chosen because of the ease of use, real-time results, flexibility, ease of integration, and the fact that it is a true future-proof enterprise service management solution that is easy to scale.”
“On top of this, 4me also comes with an attractive licensing model. Aside from being the best solution for us, it also turned out to be cheaper and more flexible than the others.
“We already had an excellent experience with 4me in Vienna, so it was no surprise that 4me came out best.”


  • Automotive


  • Headquarters are based in Vienna, Austria, and they are also present in several other locations in Europe, the USA, and Asia.


  • TTTech needed a modern, easy-to-use enterprise service management solution for the whole group that would enable easy integration with other systems and provide them with real-time results.



“4me was chosen because of the ease of use, real-time results, flexibility, ease of integration, and the fact that it is a true future-proof enterprise service management solution that is easy to scale.”

Ferdinand Schluderman
Group Transformation Manager, TTTech Auto


4me was first implemented in Vienna in 2020, followed by Spain and Central and Eastern Europe in 2021.
techwork was there from the beginning in Austria and Germany, supporting TTTech in implementing and adapting the tool and processes to local needs.
They were also the primary contact for the technical and process side in the different regions.
The implementation in CEE and Spain took approximately three months. The team first worked in a test environment and then started the actual work. Everything went very smoothly.


Training took place online as it was the middle of the pandemic. Introductory videos were prepared by techwork.
There was also a Teams meeting where techwork showcased the tool, and colleagues from Vienna who were already using 4me helped explain it. Since 4me is easy to use, no additional training was needed to understand the process.


  • Request Fulfillment
  • Incident Management
  • Configuration and Asset Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Change Management


  • Active Directory
  • Iberia office management
  • Azure CI synchronization
  • Staff Start automation, including the integration of several systems involved.
  • Embedment of several operational reports.
  • Delivery Workflows, integrating order & purchase systems.
  • Access Card approval workflow, integrating access card & security systems.


Solomon Monari, Information Technology Support Technician at TTTech Auto Iberia: “We’ve been working with 4me for a couple of months, and it’s been amazing; the harmonization of all the processes has turned out really well; it’s quick and effective, users like it better as it is easy to use, and tickets are resolved much faster, because we receive the tickets real-time.”
Customer satisfaction has improved dramatically from a 3-star rating to a 5-star rating, and extensive workflow automation has reduced manual ticket processing by 30%, resulting in significant improvements in efficiency and effectiveness.
The ease of collaboration has also improved HR processes. Before for 4me, people had to send everyone emails to say a person was joining and to do something in the calendar. Now it is all part of an automated workflow and the right people are assigned the right tasks automatically.
Ricard Roig Puig, Human Capital Manager at TTTech Auto Iberia, adds: “We’ve reduced the onboarding time from one week to 3 days at most, making our life much easier. This way, people get to be productive sooner and are happy at work.”
Ferdinand says: “The real-time data and updates in 4me are great. With the previous solutions, the service desk had to refresh the page to view the latest, whereas, with 4me, it is all real-time.” 
“Shortly, we will also be using dashboards in 4me to ensure SLAs are being met and to make well-informed decisions about the services we provide.”
“The service-centricity and service catalog also make a big difference. We are currently working on a global service catalog and knowledge base in 4me, which will make things much easier.”
The number of requests can vary from 4,000 in the low season to 7,000 per month. Currently, IT, the Service Desk, and HR use 4me. And all senior managers as they must approve a ticket once it is raised. Eventually, the entire company should be using 4me. The plan is also to roll out 4me to every newly acquired company.
Solomon: “The collaboration with 4me and the partner techwork is perfect; they are proactive, flexible, very responsive, and quick to resolve any problems.”
“4me has made our life easier; compared to our previous tool, it is much easier to use, and we now see that tickets are resolved much faster.
Ferdinand: “4me turned out to be a good choice, it’s been an absolute success; we harmonized the process landscape across the Group, which has improved business efficiency and agility, and it’s been easy to configure for different local needs.”

“4me turned out to be a good choice, it was an absolute success; we harmonized the process landscape across the group, improving business efficiency and agility, and it was easy to configure to all the different local needs.”

Ferdinand Schluderman
Group Transformation Manager, TTTech Auto