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4me’s easy-to-use service management solution provides ZFV with complete visibility and control over their services

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ZFV serves its customers with a new innovative and easy-to-use service management solution.

Founded by visionary Zurich townswomen in 1894, ZFV is today one of Switzerland’s leading and most diverse hotel, catering, and bakery companies in Switzerland. ZFV looks back on more than 125 years of success, which saw a turning point in 2020 when, like the rest of the hospitality and hotel industry, they were hit full force by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With around 2,000 employees and almost 200 companies, ZFV is active in all four parts of the country. As a cooperative, ZFV is aware of its social responsibility, always keeping the values of its founders in mind and showing that entrepreneurial thinking and responsible business complement each other sensibly. They inspire their guests and customers with innovative and varied products and services and take their role as a responsible employer seriously by offering their employees attractive working conditions.

A need for more transparency and simplicity

ZFV was looking for a modern cloud solution that works according to the principles of ITIL. Previously, ZFV’s ticketing system was covered by SharePoint where the user could record his problems. Someone then took the request and processed it. Unfortunately, there was no overall overview of who had taken which ticket, hardly any statistics, and it was confusing which requests were completed or still open. Obtaining a history of requests was difficult and very time-consuming.

Gérard Korda, Head of IT Operations at ZFV, explains, “We were looking for transparency and simplicity. The new tool had to be able to display the complete history of support cases in just a few steps and be easy to use for the customer. It is important to us that our support specialists, as well as our customers, can resolve a new support request in a simple, speedy and modern manner.”

ZFV wanted one tool and one central place where everything, now and in the future, from authorizations to orders, could be processed. They also wanted to store email requests and responses from the customer centrally. And they wanted to be able to extend the tool at any time and roll it out to other departments supporting proper Enterprise Service Management.

  • Hotel, catering and bakery business
  • Switzerland
  • ZFV was looking for an easy-to-use and modern service management solution that would give them complete overview and control of their services.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend 4me to other companies looking for a new and modern service management solution. It is intuitive and comes with all the necessary functionalities and is absolutely fair in price.”

Gérard Korda, Head of IT Operations, ZFV


ITConcepts successfully carried out the implementation within 90 days. All according to plan, despite the pandemic. Gérard: “Our collaboration with ITConcepts and 4me was very pleasant and the implementation was simple and straightforward. Thanks to the fast implementation, we were able to save costs even faster.”

“Interfaces for financial accounting and import of contact lists from Sharepoint into 4me were more of a challenge, but with a bit of brainpower, this was swiftly resolved.“


SSO, Active Directory, Abacus Interface, and Sharepoint Interface were included as part of the implementation.


IT Concepts conducted the training for the administrators. The agents were trained independently. They were all trained internally in small groups.


  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Service Level Management
  • Change Management
  • Release Management

Go Live

Gérard: “We learned a lot during the implementation and the whole project. Working with 4me made us reconsider our processes. It is not always about what is best for the department, but what is best for the customer receiving the service. We managed to identify the customer’s wishes and implemented them professionally.“

Specific features that impressed ZFV were the tight email integration, the @mention Twitter style communication and other collaboration features. It makes it easy to quickly engage with other people that can help resolve requests.

“Currently, it is just the IT department that uses the system. The colleagues in the team are very enthusiastic about the clarity and simplicity of the system. Everyone now knows exactly what is going on in support. Thanks to all the positive feedback, more departments have already requested to work in the system as well.“


ZFV processes between 6,000-10,000 requests per year and thanks to the new way of working, they save around 30 minutes per day when it comes to support. Due to the improved transparency, with all telephone calls, e-mails and other inquiries consistently recorded in 4me, the support departments are always informed, everyone is always aware of the latest situation and trends become easily visible.
Gérard: “The switch was definitely a success. We can now generate incidents, problems and then initiate a change. Thanks to the switch to 4me, we save quite a bit of time, and the improved transparency means that everyone is always aware of what is going on.”

“Customer feedback is excellent as well. Thanks to the integrated knowledge database and satisfaction tool, we can respond directly and concretely to the customer’s wishes and serve them far more efficiently. In addition, we are now able to track our service cost and quality. We can monitor whether the SLA is adhered to and make accurate performance evaluations.“

ZFV is currently in the process of planning to roll out 4me to other departments, such as Marketing, Product Management, and Merchandise Management. More departments are expected to follow.

Gérard concludes, “I would wholeheartedly recommend 4me to other companies looking for a new and modern service management solution. It is intuitive and comes with all the necessary functionalities and is absolutely fair in price.”

“Aside from 4me, we also considered ServiceNow but 4me’s modern and continually and automatically updated functionalities convinced us. We were really impressed by how intuitive the tool is to use, as well as the modern appearance and functionalities. And the price-performance ratio is great. The fact that 4me is a cloud solution was another big plus.”

Gérard Korda, Head of IT Operations, ZFV

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