Learn more about 4me®, SIAM and our unique approach to service management provision with our handy datasheets.

An Introduction to 4me

Transform your service delivery
4me provides the ability to streamline workflows, foster collaboration, and ensure efficient communication within and between organizations. Discover how 4me empowers businesses to enhance operational efficiency and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

4me Shop

Benefit from a fully functional webshop
Leverage the power and flexibility of the 4me Shop to allow your customers to order products or services. Set up your shop quickly by adding items, pricing, and delivery information, and set up your order fulfillment workflows. The shop is fully integrated with existing 4me capabilities, making the webshop easy to adopt and implement.

Citizen Services for Local Councils

Learn more about how to transform your citizen experience with 4me’s Service Management Platform.

Auto Translation in 4me

Learn more about how organizations can improve global collaboration and efficiency with 4me Auto Translation.

Why 4me Is Different

This document explains the unique architecture of the 4me platform and its benefits for you as a customer. The most important elements we will introduce are multi-tenancy, accounts, and trusts.

ITSM Overview

Learn more about transforming ITSM with 4me
With 4me®, increased productivity, better collaboration and higher rates of customer satisfaction are all within reach. Our certified ITSM capabilities cover all 19 ITIL processes and much more. We also have a fully active development roadmap, meaning our customers regularly receive enhancements to the product at no extra cost.

4me for Facilities

Streamline and automate facilities management processes and workflows in 4me
Facility management in 4me offers numerous benefits, including increased efficiency, improved maintenance planning, better cost control, enhanced occupant experience, and greater data analysis capabilities. By leveraging technology to streamline FM processes, organizations can achieve significant cost savings and optimize their operational performance.

4me for HR

Improve your employee productivity and experience with 4me
Streamline and automate HR service delivery and provide the service your employees want and deserve. They will get the service they need, when they need it, whether it’s via the web, the 4me app, or virtual agent. The combination of efficient processes and workflows and an easy-to-use Self-Service portal enables better and more productive employee service experiences.

4me ESM Overview

Enterprise Service Management for large organizations and MSPs
As part of their digital transformation, organizations are improving the support that is provided by the different support domains, like HR, IT, Purchasing and Legal. By making it easier for their employees to obtain support when they are stuck with a question or need assistance from another department, organizations are improving productivity and job satisfaction.

4me for Education

A Service Management syllabus for all
Universities and further education colleges all face the challenge of attracting the best staff and students. Both these groups have increasing expectations of the services they consume. Learn how 4me can help with everything from network access to student welfare, facilities and accommodation.