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Improve Service Delivery Across All Departments

Drive efficient and seamless collaboration across the enterprise with one complete platform, built to provide end-to-end transparency for the best possible service experience.

Serve Every Customer

4me® gives IT, Facilities, HR and any other department, the ability to serve their customers directly.

Advanced Capabilities

4me® ESM offers many advanced capabilities such as workflow, cost and time tracking and auto translation.

Competitive Advantage

Self service and automation within 4me® will significantly reduce operational costs and lower downtime.

Increase the quality and efficiency of your service management across the organization

Instead of just using 4me® for your IT service management, you can also choose to benefit from easy-to-use workflows and efficient service management for other business functions. Departments like HR, Facility Management, Security, and Finance can all benefit from managing their services on the 4me platform.

One complete enterprise service management platform for all

By making it easier for employees to obtain support when they are stuck with a question or need assistance from another department, organizations can improve productivity and job satisfaction. 4me’s ESM platform enables employees to get help for every service the enterprise makes available to them in one place: the 4me portal. You can set up complex and secure workflows across multiple internal departments and external service providers. And collaborate seamlessly with all disciplines to service the same customers while offering one entry point to the customer to report any issue or request any service.

Deliver service excellence to all enterprise customers

4me can help streamline and automate service delivery for any department. One easy-to-use Self Service portal for all will enable better and more productive employee service experiences. Read our datasheets to learn more. 

Flexible licensing - fast and easy to implement

4me is built in such a way that you have a complete service management platform at your service, while you only pay for what you use. Any extra service can be added in no time.

Read more about our consumption-based pricing.

Streamline workflows across your organization


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Built to deliver service excellence to every user, 4me is fast to deploy, flexibly priced and easy to use.


SIAM enables organizations to quickly deliver on key service initiatives and to collaborate with service providers.