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HR Service Management

4me provides you with one secure platform for all HR services

Key benefits

Improve your employee productivity and experience with 4me

Streamline and automate HR service delivery and provide the service your employees want and deserve. They will get the service they need, when they need it, whether it’s via the web, the 4me app, or virtual agent. The combination of efficient processes and workflows and an easy-to-use Self-Service portal enables better and more productive employee service experiences.


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4me puts its users first – that’s why 94%* of our customers would recommend us:

*as of May 2022

“Which departments use 4me? Better ask who is not using it. First, we connected IT and Operations, and then we had to push for the next departments. Soon after, other department heads asked why they were not connected: Marketing, Facilities, HR, Finance and Logistics now all have one entrance: the 4me portal.”

Sanne Oosterhoff, Group Operations Director
Hans Anders

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Built to deliver service excellence to every user, 4me is fast to deploy, flexibly priced and easy to use.


4me enables organizations to quickly deliver on key service initiatives and to collaborate with service providers.


4me believes that its customers should only pay for active system users, not the consumers of the service being provided.