Updated March 1, 2018

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) protects the fundamental rights of European Union data subjects to privacy and the protection of their personal data. Apart from strengthening the data privacy for users throughout the European Economic Area (EEA), this regulation places additional responsibilities on any organization that handles person data of EU citizens, regardless of where these organizations are located. The GDPR becomes enforceable on May 25, 2018.

4me’s GDPR Commitment

The robust privacy protection requirements of the GDPR are in line with the values of 4me, Inc. The 4me service will fully comply with the GDPR when it goes into effect on May 25, 2018. Apart from making sure that 4me, Inc. is in compliance, the 4me service will also provide all capabilities needed for customers to ensure that they are able to comply with the GDPR requirements that may apply to their use of the 4me service.


Although the 4me service already offers nearly everything to ensure that 4me customers are able to comply with the GDPR, more features are still being added to cover all requirements by May 25, 2018. Enhancements are also still being added to make it as easy as possible for 4me customers to not only stay compliant, but also to make it easy to demonstrate their compliance to auditors. Meanwhile, 4me, Inc. continues to monitor the guidance provided by regulatory agencies around the GDPR to make sure that the 4me service provides all the capabilities needed to help 4me customers stay compliant with minimum administrative effort.

Stay Up To Date

New features are constantly being added to the 4me service. When a new feature becomes available, it is announced on the 4me Blog. New feature announcements that concern security and privacy can be found under the category Security & Privacy. By signing up for the 4me Blog, people automatically receive an email when a new announcement has been published.

4me as GDPR Compliance Platform

More and more 4me customers are setting up a separate data security account in 4me. In this account they template their compliance workflows to demonstrate their GDPR readiness. 4me’s standard functionality makes it easy to schedule the recurrence of workflows that need to be executed on a regular basis to remain compliant. And 4me’s powerful and user-friendly audit trail functionality ensures that all workflow activity gets audited automatically. 4me partner organization InfraVision offers a preconfigured 4me account to help organizations speed up their internal GDPR preparations.