4me Integration Service

Many organizations have already migrated to 4me® so that they can collaborate seamlessly with the managed service providers (MSPs) to which they have outsourced some of their services. When one of their MSPs also uses the 4me service as its IT service management solution, they can link their 4me environments without the need for an integration. In such cases, the customer organization is, for example, able to pass incidents to the service provider, the service provider can assign approval tasks to the customer, and the service provider can take over the support responsibility for assets that are owned by the customer.

But not all MSPs are available on 4me yet. When an organization needs to pass numerous assignments to an external provider every day and this provider is not using 4me, then it makes sense to automate the passing of these assignments between the customer and this MSP. That is typically accomplished by building an integration between the ITSM solutions of the two organizations. The trouble with such integrations is that they are expensive to develop, in constant need of maintenance, and notoriously unreliable (i.e. they are often unavailable).

To alleviate most of these issues, the 4me Integration service has been created. This service is completely separate from the 4me service. 4me customers can subscribe to the 4me Integration service when they need to establish an integration between their 4me environment and the IT service management application of one of their external providers. A certified 4me partner organization will then help them to document the requirements and field mapping for the integration between the two ITSM solutions.

Once the requirements have been documented, 4me takes care of the following:

  • development of the integration
  • automation of the unit tests for this integration
  • hosting the integration on a high-availability infrastructure that is load-balanced over two separate data centers
  • monitoring and supporting the integration 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • maintaining the integration so that it continues to work as new releases of 4me are deployed

When the ITSM application of the managed service provider, or the 4me service, is temporarily unavailable, the customer and the MSP are automatically notified and the transactions are queued until the issue has been resolved.

The developers of 4me can also be asked to adjust the integration as needed to ensure that modifications to the external ITSM application are accommodated, or to extend the functionality of the integration (e.g. to also include change or project management tasks).

Because the 4me Integration service makes it possible to create new integrations in a fraction of the normal time, and because it is provided as a service that is fully supported, it is the ideal solution for organizations that prefer to leave the development and maintenance of such integrations to a company that specializes in this.