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IT Service Management (ITSM)

4me ITSM Puts Your People and Processes First

What is ITSM?

IT service management (ITSM) is everything your IT department does to deliver services to internal and external customers while maintaining the quality and speed of those services as high as possible. The ITIL framework provides guidance on ITSM based on best practices from the industry. IT service management is not just about technology; it combines people, processes, and tools (like IT service management software). 4me is such a solution. It can greatly help the members of your IT service organization to perform their tasks effectively and transparently.

What Can 4me Service Management Do for My IT Organization?

At its core, 4me is an IT Service Management application. The ITSM functionality that 4me provides is used by enterprises, government agencies, and managed service providers (MSPs). It helps them to improve the efficiency and quality of their service delivery. This functionality is tightly integrated and covers many standard and extended capabilities.

Thomas Grosser

“We knew we could do better and faster. We just needed the right tool to support this. For us, 4me definitely is that tool. We only have had positive experiences with it. We were never disappointed, but constantly pleasantly surprised. The value for money is outstanding.”

Thomas Grosser Head of IT Services

Raise Your Expectations, Lower Your Costs

4me is a state-of-the-art, cloud-based service management application that enables your IT organization to deliver the best possible service experience to its users. It works straight out of the box, with every typical IT service management process and reporting already built-in. Our implementation projects are famously short and painless, with numerous external connections already created and included. On top of that, 4me’s multi-tenant architecture allows for regular updates, at zero costs, with zero down-time.

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ESM: IT Service Management for the Enterprise

Are you looking for an IT service management solution that encompasses HR, Facilities, Finance, or any other department in your service organization? Our Enterprise Service Management solution creates autonomous, but connected, environments for every department. This way, employees can use the 4me self service portal for all services their organization offers to them, in the same accessible and transparent manner as they already do for the IT services.

Customer Success

Service Integration and Management Success Story - Savaco

“The SIAM capabilities of 4me, resulting in superb collaboration possibilities, is something we really needed and that only 4me could offer us.”

“Which departments use 4me? Better ask who is not using it. IT, Operations, Marketing, Facilities, HR, Finance and Logistics all have one entrance: the 4me portal.”

Service Integration and Management Success Story - ssp

“4me’s ability to integrate all of our internal and external service providers has radically improved supplier collaboration.”