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Knowledge Management

The Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) methodology is a modern approach that makes knowledge management practical and useful.  4me® offers a comprehensive set of features to support KCS.  These features are fully integrated in the 4me Self Service interface to provide end users the instructions they need to help themselves.  When the 4me Virtual Agent is activated, it will automatically start to look for the most appropriate articles to offer to the employees who need some help.

The benefit of actively maintaining knowledge quickly becomes clear to support specialists, as 4me dynamically proposes the most relevant knowledge articles when they open a request.  Specialists do not even need to decide whether they should consult their organization’s knowledge base.

4me makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to continuously improve knowledge search results. Users help the AI when they provide feedback on knowledge articles. Knowledge managers can also help the AI by reviewing the search phrases that were used to find knowledge.

Search phrases that are regularly used but did not return the right knowledge are an indication that a new knowledge article is needed, or that some keywords need to be added to an existing article.

The reason why organizations succeed with their knowledge management practice when they use 4me where they may have previously failed, is not that 4me’s knowledge management functionality uses AI or that it is tightly integrated with service request & incident management.  What makes 4me stand out as a knowledge management solution is that it has lowered the barriers for specialist to contribute knowledge and benefit from the knowledge they have added.  That is because 4me makes it easier to create knowledge articles and proactively provides relevant articles faster than any other knowledge management service.

4me is also the only ITSM solution that offers a tight integration between knowledge management and problem management.  This integration ensures that the workaround instructions for a known error can be published as a knowledge article to ensure that end users and specialists can all make use of these instructions until a permanent fix has been implemented for the problem.

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The integration also works the other way around. When a support organization sees that a knowledge article gets a lot of use, this show a clear need for that knowledge. The support organization may decide, though, that it would be better still if their users would not be struggling in the first place. This is where 4me offers problem managers the ability to open a new problem from a knowledge article.