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Combining project management functionality with ITSM functionality may not make intuitive sense. But once the benefits are explained, it becomes hard to imagine a service management solution without project management capabilities.

The first benefit that this combination provides is an inbox for each employee that does not just offer a prioritized overview of all their operational assignments, but also of the work that has been assigned to them for their organization’s more strategic initiatives.

Managing all the operational and strategic activities in a single solution makes it easy to track the time for all these activities, which provides the second benefit: resource planning. With a clear overview of the time people spend on their operational work and the forecasted resource requirements from the planned projects, it becomes possible to not only avoid people from being scheduled to work on multiple projects at the same time, it also makes it possible for project managers to take into account the time these people need to work on requests, problems and changes.

The third benefit that this combination provides is that the service management application already contains all of the organization’s services.  This makes it possible to link each project for the improvement of an existing service, or the introduction of a new service, to a service record.  By linking each project to a service, all the effort and cost spent on projects can be broken down by service.  This provides the input that financial management needs to track the costs of each service over time.

4me® adds another valuable benefit that is unique in the industry.  The 4me Self Service portal and the 4me App are free of charge and because people can use these interfaces to work on their project tasks, project managers can assign the tasks of their projects to any employee in their organization without having to worry about whether this person has a license of the project management application.

The 4me App provides a push notification when a new project task has been assigned to someone. This person can then update the task and specify how much time has already been spent on it. When a task is updated but it is not yet completed, 4me will ask the user how much time is still needed to complete the task.

Having 4me collect this information ensures that project managers always have an up-to-date overview of the progress that their projects are making.  This saves them the time they previously had to spend asking all the project members for an update on their progress. Apart from these advantages, 4me’s project management functionality comes with some advanced features that experienced project managers will appreciate.  Here are a few examples of the more sophisticated features: A project manager training is available for free in the 4me Learning Center.  This training offers an efficient way to get an overview of the project management functionality that 4me provides.

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