IT Service Management

Resource Planning

All service desk analysts and specialists have access to the resource planning overviews of all support teams. The resource planning overviews are used primarily by team coordinators when they need to decide who to assign work to. These overviews allow them to distribute the work evenly among the team’s members.

Skill pool managers can also use 4me’s resource planning overviews to ensure that the demand for their expertise from project managers is distributed evenly among the members of their skill pool.  Project managers use skill pools when they are planning their projects.  Skill pools allow project managers to plan their projects without having to decide which specific individual(s) to assign each task to.

This allows the available time of people to be allocated more effectively.  All employees of the organization can be involved, not just the support specialists.  That is because people can belong to skill pools and work on projects without needing access to 4me’s Specialist Interface.  Every employee can work on project tasks and register time in 4me Self Service and the 4me App without their organization getting billed for their usage of the 4me service.