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Self Service

4me® Self Service provides an easy-to-use interface that all employees can use to request support. The interface itself is highly customizable so that organizations can align its look and feel to match their corporate identity.

Apart from using 4me Self Service to submit requests and track their progress, people can also use it to report their time, even if they are not part of a support team (see Time Tracking).  In addition, managers can use it to review and approve changes and project, and project members can use it to work on their tasks (see Project Management).

People who the provider has given the ‘Key Contact’ role in 4me can even use 4me Self Service or the 4me App to analyze the support performance for the provider organization.  The reports allow key contacts to drill down from these reports into individual requests to review their details.

The self service interface can be accessed using any popular browser on a PC, Mac or tablet and is also available as an app for iOS and Android smartphones.

There is no additional charge for self service, regardless of the number of users.  This means that approvers do not require a license and neither do project members who need to be able to receive, update and complete project tasks.  It also means significant savings for organizations using a separate time tracking application.  They are able to replace it with 4me’s advanced time tracking capabilities, as this functionality can be activated for all people of all departments; not just for the specialists who provide support.

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