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Time Tracking

Being able to track the time that people spent of requests, problems, changes and even projects is important input for any support organization. Being able to report on the cost of the spent effort and to break down these costs by service, customer, and team allows management to make informed decisions on how to optimize the allocation of the available resources.

But 4me’s time tracking capabilities extend beyond the specialists who support an organization’s core business. The ability to register and track time is also available in the 4me® Self Service and the 4me® App to make it possible for all employees of any part of the organization to report their time.

Time allocations can be used by these people in the core business to quickly indicate what they have been working on.  These time allocations can be set up to capture not just the time that were productive; they can be also be used to capture the time people were on medical leave, on vacation, etc.  This makes it possible for everyone to specify how they spent 100% of the available work hours in any given week.

Organizations can even ask their staff members to specify when they have been working overtime.  That allows 4me to automatically adjust the cost for time that was spent outside the normal office hours.  For example, some organizations pay their people twice their normal wage when they are asked to work on a Sunday (see Introducing Effort Classes).

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