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Virtual Agent

The 4me® Virtual Agent offers a unique approach that uses the information that is known in 4me to provide context. For example, the virtual agent knows which services someone is covered for by an active SLA. This dramatically increases the relevance of the knowledge articles that are offered by the virtual agent.

To make sure that the virtual agent reduces the workload of the support staff, it always first tries to assist users by offering them a knowledge article with which they can help themselves.

If an appropriate article cannot be found in the support organization’s knowledge base, the virtual agent will offer a standard request that matches the intent of the user. Only if a knowledge article or standard request cannot be found, will the virtual agent offer to submit a request on the user’s behalf.

What makes the 4me Virtual Agent so special is that:

  • it can be activated in less than 5 minutes,
  • it does not need any initial training because of its tight integration with 4me’s knowledge, service request, and service level management functionality, and
  • it is included in the service charge for all 4me customers

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