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Boost Your Service Management Business

Delight customers and maximize profitability with our service-centric, agile and transparent enterprise service management solution.

Reduced Complexity

Reduced service complexity due to service-based architecture and seamless cross-company collaboration.

Complete transparency

Easily track service levels thanks to full transparency and detailed real-time reporting per service.

Fast and Easy Implementation

Fast and easy implementation of service providers and on and offboarding of customers and services.

From easy onboarding and transparent cost tracking to flexible licensing

To deliver outstanding service to their customers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) need to implement and onboard quickly, reduce costs, and show full insight and transparency on their services.

4me® is the complete service management platform that enables MSPs to work smarter, giving them a head start on their competition and maximizing their profitability.

4me is a cloud-based enterprise service management application supporting the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach. 4me enables seamless collaboration across organizational boundaries and offers each organization real-time tracking of the service levels it provides to its customers, as well as agreements it relies on from external providers.

Flexible licensing and lower costs

4me has a pricing plan for every organization, from startups to large enterprises, from beginners to most mature service providers. Companies simply join the platform and pay for what they need.

Our customers only pay for active system users and not for service consumers. You can quickly add or remove users from month to month enabling agile service management. In addition, all 4me customers benefit from weekly new product features and enhancements at no extra cost.

A complete webshop at no extra charge

4me comes with a fully functional webshop at no extra charge to its customers. Like the other functionalities on the platform, the 4me Shop is simply available and ready for customers to use if they need it. Read more.

“The webshop functionality is particularly great for MSPs like us. It is one of the main features for many customers. perinova will use it for the deployment of applications, among others. We are developing an App catalog that provides customers with more information about the apps and their costs, if there are any. In the background, there can be a workflow to obtain approval from management.”


Markus Gonser,  Lead Consultant ITSM/ESM at perinova

Freemium for smooth collaboration with providers

A 4me Freemium account is intended for providers of existing 4me customers. It is an account with limited functionality but all the necessary integration capabilities enabled. This way, providers who do not use 4me themselves can link to a 4me account, and customers can securely pass requests without having to build an integration. View this video to find out more.


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Built to deliver service excellence to every user, 4me is fast to deploy, flexibly priced and easy to use.


Company-wide service transparency and efficiency is achievable with 4mefor IT, HR, Facilities and more.


4me enables organizations to quickly deliver on key service initiatives and to collaborate with service providers.