Pricing Plans

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    Professional Self Service

    The Basic plan is the next step up for support organizations that have used the Freemium plan to set up their service catalog and self-service portal.  The Basic plan allows them to make knowledge articles (or FAQs) available for customers and support specialists.

    In addition, the Basic plan makes it possible to define request templates for standard requests.  SLA targets can then be set for these standard requests.  Most importantly, custom fields can be added to these standard requests so that customers can quickly provide exactly the information that is needed to complete their requests.

    Explanation of Service Charges

    Customers of the 4me service do not need to acquire any hardware, do not pay an initial set-up fee, and ultimately will not be charged for termination if they decide to stop using 4me.

    Customers are charged only for the number of users to whom they provided access during a given month.  A person is counted as a 4me user for a given month when his or her person record in 4me was enabled and had one or more roles (or access profiles) at any point during that month.  It is important to note that a person who had access to 4me in a given month is still counted as a 4me user even if this person did not access 4me that month.

    A 4me person record can only be counted as one user, regardless of the number of roles it has.  Persons who only have the End User or Key Contact role are not counted as 4me users.

    4me Self Service is an integral part of the 4me service.  It is free of charge for an unlimited number of supported employees or external customer contacts.  In other words, 4me is free for people who only have the End User or Key Contact role.