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Service Management for Local Government

Transform Your Citizen Service Experience with
4me’s Service Management Platform

Speedy & Efficient Service Delivery

Real-Time Reporting & Audit Trail

Low Cost of Ownership

Improve your service delivery with automated workflows in 4me

Ensure your people get the service they deserve with a flexible service management platform featuring an easy-to-use self-service portal with automated workflows and improved response times.

Proper service management is becoming more and more important as local governments deliver more and more services that require rather complex workflows. Aside from the various internal services, some provide over 1,000 frontline services to do with essential matters like social services, children, leisure, museums, and parks, that need special care and attention. 4me can help optimize service quality and cut service costs.

Eliminate complexity with one user-friendly service platform

Local governments have many internal and front-line services, and each service has a process that sits behind it; they all require a workflow. When different departments have disparate software applications, there is often a problem with interoperability.

With 4me, you can aggregate all incoming requests through a central, user-friendly service management platform that automatically assigns tasks to the appropriate team. 4me is designed to eliminate complexity and enable productivity.

Empower your people

Employees and citizens feel in control as they can submit and track service requests and interact with their helpdesk from behind their computers but also directly from their mobile devices. They don’t have the hassle of having to work out what department they need for their service request; the 4me platform will automatically do this for them.


Work more efficiently and make the best use of your resource

4me can help local governments make the best use of their resources. With the 4me platform in place, they can efficiently automate and streamline service workflows securely across multiple departments, other councils, schools, and external suppliers resulting in a true service delivery transformation, making it possible to do more with less and ultimately improve the service experience.

“We’ve seen a real boost in efficiency and user satisfaction. I would recommend 4me to anyone who’s looking to improve service management quality and efficiency.”

Karel Scheerlinck
Team Leader IT Operations, Province of Antwerp

Exceptional transparency, insight and reporting

The transparent 4me solution, with valuable insights, data, and real-time reporting, makes it easy to track and analyze the services delivered and adapt where necessary. You can report on incoming requests, response times, and more, to improve resource allocation, planning, and user satisfaction.

Make informed decisions about the services you provide

Data analytics will help determine which services perform and which don’t. What do your employees and citizens really want and need? 4me provides the information you need to show why you have decided to push back or support different services.

Quickly adapt to service needs

In a changing community, service requirements regularly change. With 4me, local governments can quickly adapt to people’s needs by leveraging a dynamic platform and service catalog and implementing new services as and when required.


4me Is USM Certified

Unified Service Management (USM) provides guidelines for a service organization to manage its people, processes, technology and services. 4me Is USM Certified. Read more

Benefit from flexible licensing and easy implementation

4me is built to be flexible and cost-effective. You only pay for what you use when you need to use it. And when these needs change, you can adapt at the speed of demand.

4me is also ready-to-use and fast and easy to implement. Once you have implemented 4me, all the functionality you need is there. You just use what you need; the solution can grow with you without the need for expensive extra modules.

Benefit from a high-maturity cloud solution that requires low effort. 4me’s architecture makes it much easier to administer than other service management solutions, even in the case of a complex structure of departments and services, and you don’t need to hire consultants for every change you make, resulting in more flexibility and a low cost of ownership.


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Built to deliver service excellence to every user, 4me is fast to deploy, flexibly priced and easy to use.


Company-wide service transparency and efficiency is achievable with 4mefor IT, HR, Facilities and more.


4me enables organizations to quickly deliver on key service initiatives and to collaborate with service providers.


4me believes that its customers should only pay for active system users, not the consumers of the service being provided.


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