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Visibility and Collaboration

Built to enable seamless collaboration between multiple service providers with full cross-enterprise visibility and control of service cost and quality.

Connect your employees, customers and external providers

4me is natively built with SIAM capability, making it ideal for managing and connecting multiple internal and external services providers and integrating their interdependent services into end-to-end services that meet the requirements of the business. Connecting external providers also allows MSPs to support their customers better.

End-to-end visibility

4me provides end-to-end visibility, enabling large enterprises to collaborate seamlessly with all their service providers while automatically tracking the level of service that each provider delivers. This allows enterprises to stay in control of service cost and quality as they outsource more of their non-core activities.

Easy-to-read dashboard for a complete overview

The 4me dashboard gives enterprise management an overview with crucial real-time information about all services. Is the SLA being met, how do users rate a particular service, what is the cost, and is there a compliance risk? All this information is available at a glance for management to determine the value of each service and take appropriate action where necessary.

Tracking costs and quality per service

Aside from tracking service quality, tracking service cost is crucial to determine the business value of a service. 4me bridges the gap between IT service and corporate finance with a user-friendly IT financial management capability that was built into its solution from the start. On a per-service basis, 4me provides real-time cost information that allows business leaders to get a complete overview of all the services they make available, how much they cost and how satisfied the employees are with each service.



Improved customer experience

With 4me, the focus will naturally shift to improving the service experience for the enterprise employee, which in turn benefits the customer experience in the marketplace.