Follon & Partners

Jesse Owenshof 87
1034 WT  Amsterdam

Tel: +31 627 881 087

Patrick Follon

Follon & Partners provides Service Integration services, all based on the world-wide SIAM best practice.
As an early SIAM adopter Follon & Partners has developed state-of-the-art expertise and skills to facilitate you and your organisation with your Service Integration questions and challenges. Our consultants, trainers, coaches and project managers are all SIAM certified and working on the SIAM Professional level.

Suerte Associates

Vennemeer 41a
2374 AV  Oud Ade

Tel: +31 85 401 3685

Arjan van der Poel

Suerte Associates provides training and consultancy services that span the whole SIAM Roadmap from Discovery & Strategy to Run & Improve. Suerte consultants can assist you with defining your SIAM Strategy and Business Case, assessing your SIAM Readiness, performing a Current State Analysis, designing your Detailed SIAM Model and selecting your Service Integrator and Service Providers.

Suerte’s experienced transition managers can guide the implementation of the new SIAM Operating Model. Suerte trainers and coaches can increase the knowledge, skills and mindset of both the Retained Capabilities as the Service Integrator. Suerte’s Academy is an accredited training organisation of EXIN and APMG for delivery of SIAM Foundation and SIAM Professional training courses and certifications.

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