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Collaborate Effortlessly and Effectively

Connect internal & external service providers, employees, and customers on one transparent platform to reduce service complexity and improve service experience.

True SIAM Capability

4me® was built with SIAM capability from the start. This means it can support complex chains of dynamic sourcing.

Collaborate at Scale

Internal and external service providers can work as one team to deliver a better customer experience.

Fast & Easy Integration

Two or more organizations have the ability to digitally connect and share their service processes and data.


Service Integration and Management (SIAM) helps organizations stay in control of their internal and external service providers as they gradually move to a more selective and dynamic sourcing model. SIAM is a prerequisite for dynamic sourcing, which in turn makes it possible for organizations to maximize the speed at which they are able to innovate.

SIAM is used in combination with other service management principles and frameworks and has a clear impact on service management tool requirements.

4me and SIAM

4me® is the first Enterprise Service Management (ESM) application specifically built to support SIAM.  It allows an organization’s internal and external service providers to collaborate seamlessly, while providing real-time insight into the level of service being delivered.

Why SIAM has become critical

More and more enterprises are taking a critical look at the tools they use to support their internal support processes. CIOs are under pressure to deliver more quickly on key innovation initiatives. Digital transformation is happening everywhere, and it requires extensive knowledge of new technologies. The IT department usually does not have all the necessary experience in-house.

As it does not make practical or financial sense for a CIO to hire and retain experts on all the new technologies that are needed for the organization’s digital transformation, CIOs are adopting a dynamic sourcing model. This is why they need an IT service management solution that supports out-of-the-box collaboration with providers and enables quick on or offboarding of such providers.

4me was designed from the ground up to support the collaboration between enterprises and their internal and external providers, as well as supporting providers in servicing many different customers from one service management application.

The SIAM structure

A Service Integration and Management ecosystem has three layers:

  • Customer Organization
  • Service Integrator
  • Service Providers (both internal and external)

Each layer has a role to play in ensuring effective end-to-end management of services and the delivery of maximum value to the stakeholders of the customer organization.

Service integrator layer

The four most common ways in which organizations choose to set up their SIAM service integrator layer are:

  • Internal service integrator – the customer organization staffs the service integrator layer
  • External service integrator – the service integrator layer is fully outsourced to a specialized SIAM firm
  • Hybrid service integrator – the service integrator layer is partly outsourced
  • Lead supplier – one of the customer’s managed service providers staffs the service integrator layer

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. Over time, organizations may decide to move from one option to another. That is why it is good to know that 4me supports all of these options for the service integrator layer.

claire agutter

“Today, more and more organizations are using a complex network of suppliers to support their services and deliver value through specialisation. Service Integration and Management (SIAM) was developed in response to the additional complexity this can bring, helping organizations to encourage their suppliers to work together in a collaborative and innovative way. Initially applied in the IT service space, SIAM is now being used to manage many different types of services.”

Claire Agutter, Director, Scopism


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