Extending service beyond the IT department has become the norm for growing and larger organizations. The 4me, SIAM first approach means that complex ITSM and ESM projects are a breeze.

Martijn Adams

“4me is created by a team of Service Management veterans who noticed something was missing in traditional (IT) Service Management tools. All these tools were originally built for internal use by an organization’s IT department, they were not built for supporting and managing collaboration between different internal and external providers.”

Martijn Adams – 4me

4me – A foundation in SIAM that takes care of all your service management needs

Rather than focusing on the usual list of ITSM product requirements such as Incident, problem and Change management, 4me was built from the ground up to support SIAM with greater collaboration at its heart.

4me gives unique visibility and flexibility to organizations embarking on both simple and complex ITSM and Enterprise Service Management projects.

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  • "Defining the service catalog and registering all SLAs is not a luxury for a managed service provider. It touches its core business and must be done right. 4me is the only ITSM solution in which both shared and dedicated services can be managed without any customization.”

    Georg Leitner-Fidler
    Georg Leitner-Fidler Senior ITSM Consultant, techwork
4me – service offerings

4me does away with costly and lengthy integration projects

Managing complex service requirements, be they internal, external, cross-departmental or outsourced supplier based are a modern reality that most tools cannot address without complex integration and lengthy projects. Many tools on the market claim to offer SIAM functionality, but the reality is an expensive one. 4me is designed to do away with these costly integration headaches and to simplify your route to a cohesive service infrastructure – no matter what your service requirement.

Agility for all our service needs

If your organization is looking for the right Service Management solution to deliver your ITSM or ESM needs, it is important to look beyond the basic scope that more traditional tools offer and take into account the speed of change in the way we are all consuming service. Take a look at the 4me blog and you will see how frequently the solution is updated with new features and functionality that solves real service requirements.

With 4me, you can rest assured that the core needs of IT service are safe, whilst also catering and adapting to the needs of the wider enterprise and beyond.

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