Improve efficiency and compliance

Organizations that provide audit, assurance, advisory, tax, management consulting, finance, legal and/or HR services often build long-term relationships with their customers. It is becoming ever more common for these organizations to also provide their customers with tools that help them improve the efficiency of specific processes and/or comply with regulatory requirements.

4me - Dashboard view
  • "Defining the service catalog and registering all SLAs is not a luxury for a managed service provider. It touches its core business and must be done right. 4me is the only ITSM solution in which both shared and dedicated services can be managed without any customization.”

    Georg Leitner-Fidler
    Georg Leitner-Fidler Senior ITSM Consultant, techwork
4me - Self Service

Unleash the power of Self Service

Many of these professional services companies now provide their customer with an online portal that allows customers to find detailed answers to specific question, submit standard requests for services and obtain support.

Protecting customer data is critical for these organizations. Being able to collaborate across organizational boundaries is helpful only if the customers trust that their data is secure. That is where the unique 4me capability, to quickly set up a dedicated account for a customer, makes the difference.

The 4me difference

Each customer can be given its own branded 4me portal that their employees can use to consult the knowledge base, request support, order services, or work together on projects. And when these customers want to do more with 4me, they can take over the administration of their account. That allows them to add their own services so that all employees can use it to obtain support from the internal support departments for legal, IT, or HR, that have not been outsourced.