Collaborate across departments and functions with ease

Government entities have special privacy requirements and also the need to work together securely with related institutions, while respecting their autonomy. A federal tax agency, for example, may need to work together with state and local tax collection agencies. All parties may have to provide each other with limited access to their digital services. When they do, they also need to be able to respond to questions and incidents reported by the external users of their services.

Apart from the collaboration between the federal, state and local levels, agencies need to link their systems so they all have the information they need to work more effectively and efficiently. Law enforcement may need to be given access to information concerning business and property ownership, tax records, social benefits, vehicle registration, etc.

4me - Workflow
  • “Switching our service management tool to 4me was no jump into darkness. It was a conscious decision to offer more clarity and transparency within IT and to our internal customers. The service levels and KPIs can now be tracked by all stakeholders.”

    Geert Monserez
    Geert Monserez Daikin
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Track and report on shared services

Another reason why service collaboration is so important within government is that many counties are centralizing some services, like IT and HR. These shared services organizations are effectively internal MSPs (managed service providers). The agencies that rely on them will require an intuitive means of collaboration and demand the ability to track the level of service they receive. Those are exactly the capabilities that make 4me so unique.

The 4me difference

Imagine what a single portal would look like where residents and businesses can submit requests, without first having to ask themselves which agency they need to contact. With 4me, this is all possible. Our just-in-time (JIT) access provisioning is built to integrate with the government’s digital identity provider to eliminate the need to actively maintain personal data of citizens in 4me.