4me gives MSPs collaboration with control so you can extend your portfolio with value-added service

THE solution for MSPs

MSPs have some unique requirements for their service management tool. One of the concerns their customers have (apart from service costs) is the level of service that is provided. Delivering real-time service level reporting may sound a little scary but MSPs that are able to give this to their customers have a significant competitive advantage. Particularly when their customers know that the data cannot be tampered with.

Offering customers, a secure and efficient means to route tickets from the customer’s end users to the correct internal support team and then to the responsible MSP, is another key requirement for the perceived success of the outsourcing solution.

The faster an MSP provides a new customer with the ability to pass tickets, the shorter the transition period and the sooner the MSP can charge for its services. Any delays, e.g. because the development of a technical interface is long, has direct financial consequences for the MSP.

4me for ITSM and ESM projects
  • "Defining the service catalog and registering all SLAs is not a luxury for a managed service provider. It touches its core business and must be done right. 4me is the only ITSM solution in which both shared and dedicated services can be managed without any customization.”

    Georg Leitner-Fidler
    Georg Leitner-Fidler Senior ITSM Consultant, techwork
4me – tablet change

Collaboration with control

When an MSP, together with its customer, decide to work together using 4me, they each have their own secured service management environment that they can configure to meet their needs. Both parties benefit from real-time tracking of service levels and seamless collaboration when they each have their own 4me account. In addition, the customer can use its 4me environment to link with their other MSPs, and the MSP can use its 4me account to connect with other customers.

The configuration of each 4me account is controlled by the organization that owns it and is secured to ensure they can only see the information that the other organization has allowed them to see. By ensuring that each customer and each MSP have their own 4me environment, they control not only how it is configured to optimally support their internal process, but they also have complete control over the costs.

The 4me difference

More than any other vendor, 4me helps MSPs offer SIAM (Service Integration and Management) as a service. Without 4me it is almost impossible for the customer to manage all parties involved in the delivery of the different service components that, together, provide the services that the customer’s employees rely on to be productive. That is why MSPs that want to include SIAM as a higher value-added service to their portfolio are so excited when they discover there is finally an enterprise service management solution built specifically to support the SIAM management approach.