Simplify support process

Organizations that develop software or build high-tech equipment typically also support their products. Many have already made their products available as-a-service. Regardless, they will need to provide their customers with a means to submit requests for support.

Traditionally, a technology vendor would ask their customers to open new requests using a secure online portal. After submitting a request, the customer would get a ticket number and the vendor’s support specialists would get notified. This works fine for the vendor, but is annoying for the customer as it adds another layer of process and interaction.

  • "Defining the service catalog and registering all SLAs is not a luxury for a managed service provider. It touches its core business and must be done right. 4me is the only ITSM solution in which both shared and dedicated services can be managed without any customization.”

    Georg Leitner-Fidler
    Georg Leitner-Fidler Senior ITSM Consultant, techwork
4me - Dashboard view

Track support levels – both provided and received

In practice, providing service is often complex. The products of the vendor may have been implemented for the customer by one of the vendor’s resellers or system integrators. In such cases, the customer typically relies on support from the integrator. The integrator, in turn relies on support from the vendor. Even when the integrator has outsourced its support function to yet another organization, 4me is built to allow all parties to work together seamlessly. And each organization can track the level of support they are receiving, and providing, in real time.

The 4me difference

With 4me, all this and more is possible, without any integrations. The security that 4me provides ensures that the vendor is able to see only the details of the tickets that the customer assigned to the vendor. The customer can decide to make the details of the affected product to be accessible to the vendor so they have access to all the details needed to resolve the issue.