4me’s SIAM capabilities are built on a solid foundation of Enterprise Service Management functionality

Internal and external customers, partners and suppliers - all collaborating for a better service experience with 4me

The modern service customer has evolved. IT Service Management and Enterprise Service Management are not enough to solve the complex service provision issues typically faced by the digitized organization. That is why 4me has developed a totally new approach to ITSM and ESM service delivery with 100% SIAM capability at its core.

Why SIAM makes sense for ITSM & ESM

4me is a service management solution with strong and adaptive workflows that are used to support desktop populations, infrastructure and mobile users the world over. Along with the usual ITSM capabilities, 4me is also deployed to deliver an increasing array of non-IT services. This is where our experience in SIAM shines – enabling organizations to deliver better and more collaborative service solutions across the business and beyond.

4me for ITSM and ESM projects
  • “Switching our service management tool to 4me was no jump into darkness. It was a conscious decision to offer more clarity and transparency within IT and to our internal customers. The service levels and KPIs can now be tracked by all stakeholders.”

    Geert Monserez
    Geert Monserez Daikin
4me – tablet change

Shift from ITSM to real Digital Transformation

Our focus on SIAM and collaboration makes multi-source service delivery easy and moves ITSM and ESM projects into the realms of real digital transformation opportunity. 4me enables the organization to take care of all aspects of service and offers the ability for providers to act as an integral part of the support organization. This offers the customer a whole new experience that goes beyond simple change and ensures company wide transformation.

Deliver service transparency

4me understands that the modern consumer of service has changed and that the organizations supplying service need to follow suit. Customers expect transparent service that is both responsive and intuitive. That is why 4me is constantly evolving, building in new functionality on a regular basis rather than the traditional quarterly or 6 monthly release. We aim to give you the tools you and your suppliers need now, so that you can focus on delighting your customers.

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